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Plan for Future Opportunities

Get Your Business Ready for Whatever the Future Holds

Having a business plan in place and executing on it puts your business on track for success. You also need to have the right financing tools in place to keep your business going strong well into the future.  

Put Your Business on the Road to Long Term Success with These Solutions

 BusinessLine® Line of Credit Secured BusinessLine® Line of Credit Wells Fargo BusinessLoan® Term Loan Small Business Administration Loans
This Solution OffersA revolving line of credit with no expiration — allowing quick access to funds. Pay in full or make minimum payments based on your business needs.A revolving line of credit with no expiration. Preserves savings while offering access to working capital. Save money with low credit interest rate.Quick access to a lump sum with a fixed rate and predictable re-payment terms. Business owners can use it to fund business expansion, separate business from personal expenses, and take advantage of other business opportunities.Longer terms on loans to fund working capital, business start-up, business acquisition and real estate. Secured funding backed by the Small Business Administration.
Ideal ForEstablished businesses that are more than 4 years old.New or established businesses in a variety of industries. Businesses with liquid assets that want to preserve savings and don’t want to divest or incur early withdrawal fees.Established businesses that are more than 4 years old.New or established businesses in a variety of industries.
RateVariable rate tied to Prime Rate.Low, variable rate tied to Prime Rate.Fixed Rate — based on term length and credit history.Both fixed and variable rates are available, depending upon which solution works for you.
Credit Amount$10,000 to $100,000$5,000 to $100,000, line size up to 95% of collateral amount.$10,000 to $100,000$50,000 to $5,200,000
CollateralNone — it's unsecured.Secured by a Wells Fargo savings or CD account.None — it's unsecured.Secured — Wells Fargo will take a secured interest in business assets.