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Wells Fargo BusinessLine® Line of Credit

Designed to meet the unique needs of businesses like yours, the BusinessLine line of credit gives you the flexibility to:
  • Access to up to $100,000 cash for any business purpose quickly and conveniently.
  • Save on interest and fees since this unsecured line of credit offers great cash rates and no
    cash advance fees.
  • Streamline expense tracking by keeping your business and personal expenses separate.
Ideal ForEstablished (at least 2 years old) businesses looking for an unsecured financing solution to supplement cash flow, take advantage of unexpected business opportunities, expand your business or cover for any business expenditure.
How it WorksGet fast, convenient access to up to $100,000 cash without fees1 when you use free personalized BusinessLine checks to pay vendors or employees, make larger purchases and more from your line of credit account.

Or, access your line of credit with the BusinessLine® MasterCard® access cards and make business purchases at retailers, online and anywhere else MasterCard is accepted. Get up to four personalized access cards, so all owners of your business can access your line of credit.
Does it work for you?Ask a Business Banker. Call 1-800-416-8658.

Additional Information

Credit AmountLines of credit from $10,000 to $100,000.
TermsRevolving line of credit.
Interest Rates Prime2 + 1.75% to Prime2 + 9.75% depending on credit evaluation (interest charged only when account is used).
Minimum PaymentEqual to the sum of Finance Charges, Bank Fees, Other Charges plus 1% of your New Balance; rounded to the next higher dollar, with a $50 minimum. However, if the New Balance is less than $50, the entire New Balance is the Current Payment.
CollateralNone needed — this is an unsecured line of credit.
  • Opening Fee: $150 on approval ($250 for lines over $25,000) required. Get the opening fee waived when you open a Wells Fargo Business Choice Checking account or Wells Fargo Platinum Business Checking account.
  • Annual Fee
    • 1st Year: None required.
    • 2nd Year and beyond: $150 annually.
Optional Features
  • Credit Protection: If you experience an event that disrupts your business, such as disability, natural disaster, or equipment failure, we will apply a credit to your outstanding balance for up to 12 months.
  • Automatic Payments: Automatically make payments on your BusinessLine account from your business checking at your convenience.
  • Overdraft Protection: Link your BusinessLine account to your Wells Fargo business checking account.
  • Wells Fargo Business Online® Banking: Access your accounts, view your statements online anytime for free with Business Online Banking.
  • Wells Fargo Business Bill Pay:3 Pay bills directly from your BusinessLine account.
For More Information
  • Review our Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Compare our lines of credit.
How to Apply
Wells Fargo and the Small Business Administration have partnered to provide businesses with secured SBA-backed financing options. Choose from several loan options and get access to up to $4 million in funding for your small business. For more information, call 1-866-838-5051 ext. 4499.
1 A cash advance fee of 3% of the amount of the advance ($10.00 minimum, no maximum) applies to cash advances using an ATM or over the counter using the BusinessLine access card (MasterCard). No cash advance fee applies to using BusinessLine checks or moving funds online or by phone.
2 Prime refers to Wells Fargo's announced Prime Rate, which was 3.25% as of February 1, 2015. If credit is granted, your credit limit will be in an amount up to $100,000 and your rate will be between Prime + 1.75% to Prime + 9.75% depending on your business and personal credit evaluation. The interest rate that you are assigned will remain in effect, unless a default occurs under the Customer Agreement or we exercise our right to change the terms of the account.
Business Bill Pay is free of monthly service fees. Charges may apply for Wells Fargo Same Day Payments ServiceSM. Please refer to the Online Access Agreement for fees associated with our online services. Account fees (e.g. monthly service, overdraft) may apply to the Funding Account. For more information on the account fees, please refer to the account agreement you received when you opened your account.
Terms for credit products are subject to final credit approval of the business and its owners. A physical address is required to receive a Wells Fargo business credit product. You must be an owner of this business and not already have this product. See Terms and Conditions for details at account opening.
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Member FDIC.