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International Money Tips — Mexico

Largest CityMexico City
Major BanksBanco Azteca, BBVA Bancomer, Banorte, HSBC Mexico, Banamex
  • The currency is known as: Mexican peso (Mex$)
  • The coinage is known as: centavos
Predominant Payment Method(s)U.S. dollars are widely accepted. Credit cards are accepted in major cities, street vendors and rural towns will require cash.
International RemittanceSend money from your Wells Fargo ExpressSend® service to your beneficiaries at BBVA Bancomer, Banorte or HSBC Mexico. Learn more.
Currency ConversionUse our Currency Converter to get the latest retail (selling price) conversion rates from U.S. dollars to the country you intend to visit.
ATM/Credit Card UseATMs are available. If you use an ATM, do so during business hours at a location inside a bank, supermarket, or large commercial building. Your Wells Fargo banker can advise if you need a new personal identification number (PIN) for overseas access to your account. Credit cards and debit cards should be used with caution due to the potential for fraud and other criminal activity. Remain vigilant when using bank or credit cards as card information can be copied by unscrupulous vendors. Ask to swipe your card yourself or make every effort to ensure that it is only run through once. Make sure you obtain your copy of the transaction slip. There are government taxes associated with the use of credit card transactions.

Take note of the appropriate phone number to call when overseas if your card is lost or stolen, and keep that number separate from the card. Call and let your card company know you are traveling overseas or they may block transactions.
ATM LocatorTo find Visa-accepted ATMs in any country, go to the Visa ATM Locator, which allows you to find the ATMs closest to the street address of your location.
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