Workers’ Compensation

As every small business owner knows, accidents can happen on the job — even at the safest workplaces. We can work with you to find Workers’ Compensation Insurance that helps you create a safe and productive environment for your employees.

With laws varying state by state, and most states requiring businesses to have at least some Workers’ Comp Insurance, it’s particularly important to work with an experienced insurance professional to find the coverage your business needs.

Here’s some additional information about Workers’ Comp Insurance:

Benefits of Workers’ Compensation Insurance

  • Covers costs associated with workplace illness and injury (employee medical costs and wages lost)
  • Includes Employer’s Liability Insurance, which protects your business from employee-initiated lawsuits
  • Fulfills Workers’ Compensation requirements mandated by your state

What Workers’ Compensation Insurance covers

  • Employees working in most other states
  • Certain types of work-related injuries or illnesses
  • Dependents of employees who suffer a fatal on-the-job injury as well as funeral costs
  • Partial reimbursement for lost wages and various liability limits

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