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Business Liability Insurance

Extend your business, not your risk

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Meticulous. That's how your colleagues describe your business practices. But no matter how careful you are, chances are — if you own a business — one day your company may be the subject of a lawsuit. Court costs, damages, legal fees … all add up to a potentially devastating problem for you and your business. A business liability policy will cover your business in the event of third party liability claims — whether from a formal lawsuit or by a customer slipping in your parking lot and incurring medical bills.

Regardless of the outcome of any legal proceedings against you, even if you and your business are completely cleared of wrongdoing, a lawsuit can be extremely costly and time consuming. If your business was involved in a lawsuit, business liability insurance would cover the cost of your defense and protect your assets.

Business Liability Insurance Basics
Lawsuits against businesses are more prevalent than ever. If your business should face legal charges in the future stemming from someone's interaction with your company's products or services, it will be essential that your business is properly protected. Learn more.

Wells Fargo and Insureon
Wells Fargo has selected Insureon to provide small business insurance solutions. Get straightforward advice and multiple quotes from business-savvy agents, all in one place.
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