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Business Liability Insurance

Extend your business, not your risk

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Meticulous. That's how your colleagues describe your business practices. But no matter how careful you are, chances are — if you own a business — one day your company may be the subject of a lawsuit. Court costs, damages, legal fees … all add up to a potentially devastating problem for you and your business. A business liability policy will cover your business in the event of third party liability claims — whether from a formal lawsuit or by a customer slipping in your parking lot and incurring medical bills.

Regardless of the outcome of any legal proceedings against you, even if you and your business are completely cleared of wrongdoing, a lawsuit can be extremely costly and time consuming. If your business was involved in a lawsuit, business liability insurance would cover the cost of your defense and protect your assets.

Our experienced team of business insurance agents can help you look at the big picture. Discuss your situation with one of our business insurance agents and gain a better understanding of the coverage you'll need to protect your most valuable asset: your business.

Your Business Is Everything To You — Help Make Sure You Have it Protected

Finding and buying the insurance that meets the unique needs of your business can be easy when you work with the experienced team at Wells Fargo Insurance. We understand that your business is one of a kind and needs specific protection.

When you work with Wells Fargo Insurance, you’ll receive:
  • Competitive quotes from the multiple insurance companies we represent
  • Straightforward advice from our business-savvy agents, so you can confidently select and conveniently purchase the coverage your business needs at a price that makes sense for your balance sheet
  • Ongoing support from a company you trust to help make sure your coverage is up to date as your business changes
Wells Fargo Insurance has been helping customers protect what they value since 1903. Let us help protect your business today.

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Business Liability Insurance Basics
Lawsuits against businesses are more prevalent than ever. If your business should face legal charges in the future stemming from someone's interaction with your company's products or services, it will be essential that your business is properly protected. Learn more.
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