Wells Fargo Business Online® Questions

Wells Fargo Business Online

What is Wells Fargo Business Online?

Wells Fargo Business Online provides FREE access to both your business and personal accounts online. With access to Wells Fargo Business Online, you have a convenient and secure way to manage your finances—review and transfer funds between your Wells Fargo accounts, view statements and check images, request stop payments, and much more.

What accounts can be accessed through Wells Fargo Business Online?

  • Business Checking, Savings, MMA and MRA
  • Commercial Lines and Loans
  • All eligible Personal Accounts
  • Business Credit Cards and Lines/Loans
  • Mortgages and Equity Lines of Credit

Is online banking secure?

We guarantee that you will be covered for 100% of the funds in your Wells Fargo account in the unlikely event that someone you haven’t authorized removes those funds through our Online Services, which includes mobile banking. You are responsible for protecting your password and account information and for providing prompt notification of an unauthorized transaction. Additional terms and conditions apply.  Certain products are excluded*.  Visit our Online Security Guarantee for more information.  We also suggest that you review our Online Access Agreement.

How far back can I review my transactions?

You can view and download up to 18 months of transaction history. You can also access up to 7 years of account statements online.

Are there any hardware requirements necessary to use Wells Fargo Business Online?

No, all you need is an Internet connection and an up-to-date browser.

What if I forget my password?

For your security, we do not email or present you with your current password, but it’s easy to reset your password online by going to www.wellsfargo.com/biz and selecting the Forgot Password/Username? link. You may be asked to provide the following information:

  • Username or Social Security Number
  • Account Number or ATM Card Number
  • Your ATM PIN, ZIP code or credit card information

If you need further assistance, please call Online Customer Service at 1-800-956-4442, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What functionality and features does Wells Fargo Business Online currently have?

With access to Wells Fargo Business Online, business owners and authorized signers can:

  • View a summary of balances (deposit and credit)
  • View account activity as transactions post
  • Access and download up to 18 months of account history
  • Transfer funds and make payments between all eligible Wells Fargo accounts
  • Access credit cards or lines of credit
  • View all accounts together, or view business and personal accounts separately
  • Access up to 7 years of Online Statements
  • View images of checks, returned items and deposits
  • Enroll to receive account alerts via email or text message
  • Make stop payments
  • Request copies of checks, deposits, or statements
  • Order traveler's cheques, money orders, and cashier's checks and much more

Other features of Wells Fargo Business Online include:

  • QuickBooks® download (WebConnect): Allows customers the ability to import their transactions into their QuickBooks check register.
  • Commercial Line/Loan access: Request balances, payments and transfers to Commercial Loans and Lines >$100,000.

Wells Fargo Business Online customers also have access to a variety of online payment services including:

  • Business Bill Pay: Pay virtually any company or individual in the U.S. from business or personal accounts.
  • Direct Pay: Send time-sensitive payments directly to the U.S. bank accounts of employees, contractors and vendors - payments can be received as soon as the next day.

Wells Fargo Online® for my personal accounts shows me all of my deposit accounts. Does Wells Fargo Business Online include personal accounts, and can they be separated?

Wells Fargo Business Online will allow you to access both business and personal accounts with which you are an owner or authorized signer. By changing your Account View, you can choose whether you want to view all your accounts together, or see your business and personal accounts separately.

What are Account Views and how do I access them?

Account Views allow you to manage your Wells Fargo business and personal accounts together or separately—it's your choice.

If you have both business and personal accounts with Wells Fargo and/or access accounts associated with multiple businesses, you'll see a dropdown menu at the top of the page when you sign on to your Wells Fargo Business Online session. Depending on the types of accounts you have and your relationship to these accounts, your accounts are assigned to one or more of the following Account Views:

  • Business and Personal Accounts : A combined view of all business and personal accounts for which you are listed as an owner.
  • Business Accounts : Includes all business accounts for which you are listed as an owner of the account, and/or owner of the specified business.
  • Individual Entity Views : If you own multiple businesses or are related to another entity's accounts (such as a Trust), the accounts associated with each of the businesses or entities will be grouped together in their own Account View.
  • Personal Accounts : Includes all personal accounts for which you are listed as an owner. Accounts where you are an Authorized Signer will not appear in this view.
  • Combined Personal Accounts : Includes all personal accounts for which the individual is listed as an account owner or an authorized signer.

When I make transfers to or from checking, savings, credit cards, lines of credit and commercial lines and loans using Wells Fargo Business Online, are the transfers "real-time?" What is the cut-off time for transfers between accounts?

All transfers will post to the account at the time the transfer is made as long as within the cut-off times listed below.

  • Credit cards and lines of credit:  Midnight Pacific Time, daily
  • Loans and lines of credit:  8:00 pm Pacific Time business day, otherwise next available business day
  • Auto loans:   8:00 pm Pacific Time business days, otherwise next available business day
  • Wells Fargo checking and savings accounts:  8:00 pm Pacific Time business days, otherwise next available business day

Note: Transfers between your Wells Fargo deposit account and non-Wells Fargo deposit accounts will be initiated on the Send On date you selected, and will be completed after the number of business days you selected for Delivery Speed.  In addition, payments to your Wells Fargo credit account from a non-Wells Fargo deposit account usually take three to four business days to complete

How do I order checks and deposit tickets?


You can order checks and deposit tickets for your eligible business accounts online. Order now.

By Phone

Please call Harland Clarke at 1-800-237-8982. Agents are available to assist you Monday through Friday, 5:00 am to 9:00 pm Pacific Time, and Saturday 5:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific Time.

Who do I call for more information?

You can call Online Customer Service at 1-800-956-4442.

Can I get online access to my Commercial Line or Loan?

You can access Commercial Lines and Loans through Wells Fargo Business Online. This includes the ability to view balances, make principal payments, pay invoices, advance funds and view account activity.

What does Manage Guest Users let me do?

You can assign view-only account access to anyone who needs it—your bookkeeper, accountant, other key employees—up to 25 people. You maintain security and control, because you choose which individuals to add and which accounts they can see. Guest Users have view-only access and cannot conduct transactions, and you can cancel a Guest User’s access at any time. Allow others to take care of the tasks you don't have time for, like ensuring that a payment has been received, checks have cleared, a deposit has posted and more.

How do I set up other users to access my accounts?

Set-up is easy. Just go to the Account Services page when you're in your online banking session, and select the Manage Guest Users link.

Add users and choose which accounts they'll be able to view. You'll also choose unique Usernames and Passwords for the individuals you add. And remember, you can cancel a Guest User’s access at any time.

How can I download my account activity?

To download your account activity from within Wells Fargo Business Online into Quicken®, QuickBooks® (Web Connect) or a convenient spreadsheet, select the Download Account Activity link on the Account Services page.

By default you will be able to download your transactions for the last 90 days; however, up to 18 months of account activity may be available. To access extended history, choose the extended time frame on the Account Activity page and hit GO. This will then allow you to choose an extended date range on the account activity download page.

Business Bill Pay

What can I do through Business Bill Pay?

You can:

  • Pay any company or individual in the U.S. up to $50,000 from your business or personal checking accounts; up to $10,000 from a Wells Fargo credit card, and $25,000 from a BusinessLine® account.
  • Pay both business and personal bills.
  • Automate payment of many recurring expenses.
  • Choose to receive payment reminders and other notifications.
  • Schedule payments in advance, even for recurring expenses such as rent or equipment leases.
  • Track and categorize payments with custom reports.
  • Receive bills online through eBills from participating vendors.

When does Wells Fargo take the money out of my account?

Funds are withdrawn from your account on the Send On date.

Does Business Bill Pay cost anything?

Business Bill Pay is free of monthly service fees. Charges may apply for Wells Fargo Same Day Payments ServiceSM. Please refer to the Online Access Agreement for fees associated with our online services. Account fees (e.g. monthly service, overdraft) may apply to the Funding Account. For more information on the account fees, please refer to the account agreement you received when you opened your account.

Is Business Bill Pay secure?

The security and integrity of customers' accounts and transactions are top priorities for Wells Fargo. We introduce online functionality only when we're fully confident that the systems meet the level of security appropriate to safeguard our customers.

Wells Fargo encrypts your Business Bill Pay sessions within our banking servers in order to provide you with some of the best forms of cryptography commercially available, without requiring you to download a browser with stronger security.

How does Business Bill Pay work for joint account holders?

Joint account holders may use the same checking account for Business Bill Pay as long as they are a signer on the account. Each authorized signer uses their own unique username and password to sign on.

Can I view the payment history for payments I make?

From the Business Bill Pay Overview screen, select the Payments tab and you can view up to 16 months of payment history.

How do I obtain proof of payment?

You will receive a reference number for every payment you schedule. Use this number to track payments on the Payments screen. Additionally, your biller’s records should show proof of payment.

What type of account do I need for Business Bill Pay?

A business checking account is required to enroll in Business Bill Pay; however, you can also make payments from your Wells Fargo credit card, BusinessLine® account, or personal checking account. If you have more than one eligible checking account, you can choose which one you want to make payments from.

What happens if I set up a payment but do not have funds in my account?

Unless your Business Bill Pay account and/or linked overdraft protection plan has sufficient funds or credit available to pay the bill on the Send On date, we are not obligated to make a payment.

What happens if Wells Fargo doesn't properly complete a Business Bill Payment on time or in the correct amount?

As long as you schedule your payments properly in advance and have sufficient funds available in your account, you can rest assured that your bills will be paid accurately and on time. If Wells Fargo does not properly complete a bill payment on time or in the correct amount, we will pay any late fees or finance charges that you reasonably incurred as a result, provided that your account was in good standing with the payee prior to this incident. We will also be liable to you if we fail to stop a payment pursuant to your order to do so, so long as your order describes the payment with reasonable certainty and is received at a time and in a manner that affords us a reasonable opportunity to act on it before the payment is sent. Except as stated in the Online Access Agreement, any stop payment provisions of the agreement otherwise governing your Eligible Account that are applicable to checks will also apply to the Bill Pay Service.

We will not be responsible for any charges imposed or any other action taken by a payee resulting from a payment that you have not scheduled properly, including any applicable finance charges and late fees. In addition, we will not be liable if any third party through whom any bill payment is to be made fails to properly transmit the payment to the intended payee. We will also not be liable if there are insufficient available funds or credit availability in your Bill Pay Account and/or overdraft protection plan; if a legal order directs us to prohibit withdrawals from the Bill Pay Account; if the Bill Pay Account is closed or frozen; or if any part of the electronic funds transfer system is not working properly. We will not be liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages arising out of the use of the Bill Pay Service. Wells Fargo does not recognize "Grace Periods," "Pay To," or "Late After" dates when considering the reimbursement of late fees or finance charges.

Business Bill Pay Payment

How do I set up payees?

A payee is any company or individual that you pay. It can be a company that sends you a bill, like the telephone company, or a person or company you owe money to but do not necessarily receive a bill from. It is helpful to have recent copies of current bills when you set up your payees, as you will be asked to verify or enter payments addresses and account information.

You can set up payees in just three easy steps:

  1. Select your payee from our online directory, or enter the details manually.
  2. Choose the account for funding payments to this payee.
  3. Enter payment details and any notifications you want to receive.

What is the cut-off time for entering payments?

The cut-off time for sending payments is 7:00 pm Pacific Time. Payments scheduled after 7:00 pm Pacific Time or on weekends and holidays will be sent the next business day.

What date do I put in the Send On field?

The date you should enter in the Send On field on the Bill Pay Overview screen is the date you want Wells Fargo to send the payment. Payments are sent only on regular business days; if you schedule a payment on a holiday or weekend, the Send On will be changed to the following business day.

How far in advance should I set up payments?

On the Bill Pay Overview screen, the text below the Deliver By date shows the number of days in advance you should schedule payments to this payee. If the payment method for your payee is electronic, allow two business days, and if the payment method for your payee is paper check, allow five business days. You can schedule payments up to one year in advance.

Can I set up automatic payments?

Yes. For recurring fixed-amount expenses like rent, you can set up automatic payments by indicating the amount, date, and payment frequency. If you receive eBills, you can set up automatic payments even if the amount due varies each time.

To schedule automatic payments for a payee, go to the Bill Pay Overview screen and select Payees. If you’re adding a payee, click the Add Payee link (for existing payees, click the payee’s name), then select the Automatic button in the in the Payee Details section.

How do I know if a payment was sent?

A "Paid" status in the Payments screen indicates a payment was sent. You can view up to 16 months’ worth of history. You can also choose to receive an email when your payment is sent.

What if I want to change the date or amount of my payment?

You may change your payment online or over the telephone up until 7:00 pm Pacific Time on the day your payment is scheduled to be sent. To change your payment online, go to the Pending Payments section of the Payments screen, click on Edit next to the payment you wish to change, enter a new amount or Send On date, and click the Submit button

Can I cancel payments?

Yes. You may cancel pending payments up until 7:00 pm Pacific Time on the Send On date. To cancel a payment, go to the Pending Payments section of the Payments screen, click on Cancel next to the payment you wish to cancel, and click the Submit Payment button.

Can I add my own payment categories?

Yes. If you do not find the category you need listed, you can rename existing categories or create new ones.

What can I do with reports?

Reports can help you keep track of your payments. You can customize reports by payee, payment date, payment status, category, and funding account. Up to 16 months of payment history is available.

Whom can I pay?

You can pay any company or individual in the U.S. However, we are unable to process any payments to federal, state or local tax agencies or court ordered payments.

Are all payments sent to payees electronically?

Most—but not all—payments are sent electronically, and we frequently add payees to the list that receive payments electronically. If a payee doesn’t receive payments electronically, we mail a check.

How do I know whether a merchant will receive an electronic payment or a check?

When you initiate a payment for a given payee from the Payees screen, all payments by paper check will be flagged as such in the Deliver By column.

What do payees actually receive?

Electronic payees receive payment information in an electronic format that automatically updates their accounts payable systems. Non-electronic merchants or individual payees receive a laser-printed paper check sent through the U.S. Postal Service.

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