Take a Tour: Reconciling Accounts

QuickBooks® can automatically adjust the account balance to match the balance shown on your account statement(s). You need to accept all downloaded statement transactions for the account(s) before QuickBooks can automatically adjust your account balance.

Sample Reconciling Accounts Screen 1
To open the Reconcile Account dialog box, do one of the following:

On the Banking menu, click Reconcile.


Click Reconcile accounts from Banking.
Sample Reconciling Accounts Screen 2
In the Begin Reconciliation dialog box:

Choose account to reconcile, the statement date and ending balance.

Click Continue to reconcile account.
Sample Reconciling Accounts Screen 3
In the Reconcile dialog box:

Mark all transactions and click Matched.

If there is a difference between the Ending Balance and the Cleared Balance then you can manually modify the ending balance.

If you choose to Reconcile Now with a difference, follow the preceding instructions to bring your accounts into balance.