Take a Tour: Matching Transactions

After you have downloaded your transactions and viewed your statement, you are ready to Match Downloaded transactions and update your account register so that it reflects the most recent online information from Wells Fargo. In the Match Downloaded Transactions dialog box you can add transactions that you have not yet recorded in your register or edit the transactions that may contain errors.

Sample Matching Transactions Screen 1
To match downloaded transactions, choose View from the Online Banking Center.
Sample Matching Transactions Screen 2
This will open the Match Transactions screen.

From the list in the Downloaded Transactions window, choose a transaction to add to the register and then click Add One to Register. Use the Add Multiple… button to add all transactions that have a recognized payee and associated account. Follow the on-screen prompts to perform the desired activities. You will have the opportunity to create an alias for an unrecognized payee. Aliased payees are automatically renamed at each download.

When the transaction appears in the Register, choose an account for the transaction from the Account drop-down list and then click Record.