Take a Tour: Online Bill Pay

Paying bills doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Just add the Bill Pay service to your Online Banking with QuickBooks® service and you can pay all of your business and personal bills online.

Sample Online Bill Pay Screen 1
Select Write Checks from the Home screen.
Sample Online Bill Pay Screen 2
To write a check and have it register in the Online Banking Center to be sent to Wells Fargo:

Choose a bank account to make the bill payment.

Select or enter the vendor you want to pay, the date you want your payment sent, the amount, and the address if the vendor is not already on your vendor list.

Select the Online Payment check box. You should see the lightning bolt and the Wells Fargo logo indicating that you are paying this bill online.

Assign an account. You cannot save this transaction without assigning an account.

Click Save & Close to pay this bill only, or if you would like to pay another bill, click Save & New.