Take a Tour: Adding Your Wells Fargo Accounts

Once you have told QuickBooks® that you are ready to add your Wells Fargo accounts, you must specify your Online Banking account information. Follow the steps below to add your accounts.

Sample Adding Accounts Screen 1
On the first pop up box you’ll choose what type of account you’ll be adding. You will either choose one from the list or you’ll add a new account.
Sample Adding Accounts Screen 2
If you choose < Add New > this pop up will ask you for an account name. This name and information will be added to the Chart of Accounts once you save and close. Choose the new account and click Next.

Note: The "Account Type" must be set to "Bank" in order to enable Online Banking.
Sample Adding Accounts Screen 3
In the next popup you will choose Wells Fargo Bank from the drop-down menu. You can either type it in or scroll down the list. Then click Next.
Sample Adding Accounts Screen 4
After you've chosen Wells Fargo Bank you will be asked how you want to connect to Wells Fargo Bank. Choose Direct Connect and click Next.
Sample Adding Accounts Screen 5
Enter your Wells Fargo Online Username and Password.
Sample Adding Accounts Screen 6
After you sign on you will be asked to select your Wells Fargo Account. This is the account you wish to have correspond with your QuickBooks account from Step 1.
Sample Adding Accounts Screen 7
Once you’ve chosen the account the next pop up will verify which account was set up and how many transactions were downloaded. Additionally, if you’ve signed up for Bill Pay you will also need to check the Activate Online Bill Payments box.