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Receive discounts for purchases using your business debit or credit card

A hassle-free way to save up to 15% on business purchases
Enroll your business debit or credit card in Visa SavingsEdge®, and receive ongoing discounts on purchases made at participating merchants

Looking for ways to save on business spending? Here's a no cost, hassle-free way to save money when you use your business card. To get started:

  1. Enroll your business debit or credit card in Visa SavingsEdge. There is no cost to enroll.
  2. Receive discounts when you use your enrolled debit card at participating merchants. No coupons, no codes.
  3. Look for discounts to appear as credits within 4 business days. For debit card this will appear via your primary linked business checking account and for business card via your business credit card statement.

Why Visa SavingsEdge?

  • Substantial discounts. Receive discounts of up to 15% on qualifying merchandise purchased for your business.
  • More ways to save. Purchases that employees make with Wells Fargo Business Cards count too. You can enroll up to 10 business debit cards and 10 business credit cards, making it easy for employees to save you money on expenses.
  • Make qualifying purchases. Eligible purchases can be made online, by phone and at retail locations with participating merchants — just be sure to choose "credit" and sign a receipt. Purchases where you enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) don't qualify.
Enroll your business debit or credit card in Visa SavingsEdge. Enroll

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