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Business Debit Card Video

Transcript: Wells Fargo Business Debit Card

You run a business…in a very busy world. 

Your business runs on money. What can help you keep a grip on your cash flow? 

Your Wells Fargo Business Debit Card. It’s a surprisingly powerful tool that can help you manage your cash flow. 

Use your business debit card to help you keep control of your expenses, pay your bills, monitor your spending, and even get special discounts on purchases. 

Your card is a great tool that can help you take control of your cash flow. So how can you put it to work for your business? 

To start with, your business debit card is a great way to pay for anything you need for your business, from equipment and supplies to travel and business meals.  Using a business debit card helps you keep business expenses separate from personal ones and helps you stay in control. 

Also, you can use your business debit card to pay business bills. You’ll save time on bookkeeping and know exactly where and when your money goes. 

For example, when you tell your merchant to make a payment using your business debit card, you control when your payment is made. You contact your vendor directly and can even make payments the same day the bill is due.

Another option is to use your card to set up recurring payments, such as internet services, insurance, or subscriptions. You give the provider your business debit card number and its expiration date, the specific date for each payment, and it’s paid on the date you set.

You can even use your business debit card in a digital wallet on your mobile device. Instead of using your physical plastic card to make purchases, add your business debit card information to the digital wallet app on your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch, and pay on the go at participating merchants.

Your business debit card comes with an easy way to monitor each purchase and transaction in detail.
Take advantage of Wells Fargo’s Business Online Banking tools or track card spending on the go with our mobile app. Either way, you get access to card transaction details and account balances 24/7 — where and when it’s convenient for you. 

To see the big picture, get an online snapshot that sorts your business spending automatically by expense category with the Business Spending Report with Budget Watch.

Using your Wells Fargo Business Debit Card for everyday business purchases offers protection you won’t find with checks or cash — at no extra cost.

If you thought only credit cards offer protection for unauthorized transactions, think again: Your business debit card also comes with Zero Liability protection* with reimbursement for unauthorized card use when promptly reported. 

To spot any unusual transactions, Wells Fargo performs ongoing fraud monitoring for your card and your business accounts.

You can choose to receive text alerts from Wells Fargo when suspicious or unusual activity is detected on your card requiring verification by you. Set up the card alerts that are important to you on

Your Wells Fargo Business Debit Card comes with a chip that offers additional protection against fraud when used in chip-enabled ATMs or merchant terminals, plus greater global acceptance. When you insert your chip card into a chip-enabled terminal, a unique security code is generated. This makes it extremely difficult for anyone to reuse your information and better protects you against counterfeit fraud. 

Finally, you can even use your card to take advantage of special savings. Your business debit card gives you access to special discounts from Visa, featuring limited time offers on business supplies, electronics, flowers and gifts, hotels, internet, and travel services from participating merchants. Visit to view special discounts for your business. 

Your Wells Fargo Business Debit Card is a powerful tool for protection features, cash flow, tracking, and savings.

Make it part of your business cash flow strategy.

*Please see your applicable Wells Fargo account agreement and card terms and conditions for information on liability for unauthorized transactions.