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Business Credit Cards — Overdraft Protection

Avoid overdraft and returned check fees by linking your business credit card to your Wells Fargo business checking account. Money will automatically transfer from your card, up to your available credit, to cover insufficient funds in your business checking account. Signing up is free — you’ll only pay for Overdraft Protection when you use it.
Who Overdraft Protection is for
Customers with a Wells Fargo business checking account and a Wells Fargo® Business Platinum Credit Card.
When you add Overdraft Protection to your business card you’ll get:
  • Financial control. Protect your credit rating. You can always pay your bills on time knowing that Overdraft Protection covers your checks until your deposits clear.
  • Flexibility. Write checks or get cash in emergency situations, even if your business checking account is low.
  • Savings. You’ll pay for Overdraft Protection only when you use it.
How Overdraft Protection works
If your business checking account runs short of available funds to cover checks you've written, Overdraft Protection automatically advances funds from the available credit on your business card account.1

Enroll today
To sign up for Overdraft Protection, sign on to Wells Fargo Business Online® Banking. Click on the Account Services link at the top right of the page, then select Credit Card Service Center. You may also enroll by calling 1-800-359-3557 ext. 419.

If you are not currently enrolled in Wells Fargo Business Online Banking learn more about this service.
Overdraft Protection Fees
Advance AmountFee
Up to $50$12.50
$50.01 or more$20.00
1 A transaction finance charge applies to each Overdraft Protection advance. Please see your Customer Agreement for details.