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Use Your Wells Fargo Business Credit Card to Pay Your Bills

Your business credit card makes bill paying easier and more secure. Your payment won’t get lost or stolen in the mail. It's fast, safe and free. With the Business Credit Card grace period, you can also optimize your cash flow to better manage your business.
  • Save time and stamps by mailing fewer checks or dealing with fewer invoices.
  • Never miss a payment when you sign up for monthly automatic bill payments.
  • Track monthly bill payments more easily online with Business Spending Report.

Earn Rewards on every bill you pay with your Business Credit Card

If you sign up for the optional Business Reward programs1, you can choose to earn 1 point for every $1 you spend using your business credit card. Or you can choose to automatically receive 1% cash back only.2 Pay bills with your card, and watch your rewards grow!

How to set up automatic or manual payments

Have your business credit card handy and follow these steps:
  1. View Directory of Merchants.
  2. Then contact the merchants that send you bills and ask to set up automatic payments with your Wells Fargo Business Credit Card — or visit their Web sites.
  3. Provide them with your Business Credit Card number.

Look for the transaction on your next statement.
Don't have a business credit card? Learn how to apply.
1 Rewards points are earned on net purchases only (purchases less returns and credits). Rewards annual program fee: $50.
2 The cash back only amount is calculated by multiplying net purchases only by 1%. Rewards annual program fee: $50.