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Wells Fargo Secured BusinessLine® Line of credit

COVID-19 Update

We are temporarily suspending new applications for some small business lending products to support our commitment to the Paycheck Protection Program. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Understand Your Options

Wells Fargo Secured BusinessLine Line of Credit details
  • $5,000 to $100,000 revolving credit line
  • Rates as low as Prime + 1.00%

Great For

  • Establishing or re-building business credit
  • Supplementing cash flow
  • Funding new opportunities

Other Features

  • Mastercard® access card
  • Easy-to-use checks
  • Access online or by phone
  • No foreign transaction fees

Fees and Rates


  • $50 Annual fee.
  • Cash advance. No cash advance fees unless over the counter or at an ATM.


  • Amounts. Credit lines from $5,000 to $100,000 based on the amount pledged.
  • Terms. Revolving line of credit, no scheduled annual review.
  • Rates. Rates as low as Prime + 1.00%, interest charged when you use the account.
  • Collateral. Secured by a Wells Fargo savings or CD account.

Customer Agreement

Additional Features

  • Mastercard® access card.
  • Business bill pay. Pay any company or individual in the U.S. from your business or personal accounts.
  • Automatic payments. Set up automatic payments from your business checking account.

How it Works

  • Reduced cost.   Since the Secured BusinessLine account is collateralized, the interest rate will be lower than a comparable unsecured line of credit. The line of credit is secured by your Wells Fargo savings or CD account.
  • You determine the line size.   The amount of collateral pledged will determine the credit amount.
  • Flexible. Make changes to the line size as your business needs change.
  • Quick access to funds. Access funds by telephone transfers. Mastercard® access card, personal checks, and more.

Why a secured business line of credit?

A secured business line of credit is a revolving credit option designed to help you build business credit with Wells Fargo.  It can supplement ongoing cash flow needs and be paid down and used again repeatedly over time.