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Raising Your Rewards to New Heights

See how small business owners can reward themselves for all of their hard work.  We offer a Cash Back program that gives 1.5% cash back on net purchases with automatic quarterly payout.  For more flexible Rewards choices, we offer a Rewards Points program that gives one point for every dollar spent on net purchases, and 1,000 bonus points for each billing period when the total company spend is $1,000 or greater.  Plus, a 10% point bonus will be credited for redeeming rewards online.

Transcript: Wells Fargo Business Card Rewards – Raising your rewards to new heights

What if you could get a reward, say cash back or a tablet, for paying for parking? That’s right, rewards, just for doing the things you do anyway.

With the Wells Fargo Business Platinum credit card, that’s exactly what you get. You’re rewarded for all of your everyday business expenses. Bills, office supplies, business events, vendor payments, travel expenses, and yes, even parking.

Simply apply, enroll in the rewards program, and enjoy best-in-class rewards, like hassle-free cash back, or gift cards, and air travel with no blackout dates. You have two choices for how to earn rewards.

Option 1: 1.5% Cash Back. Earn 1.5% cash back for every purchase you make, with no cap on the cash back you can earn. Simple and convenient. No need to track or redeem points. Each quarter, the cash is automatically credited back to your Business Platinum Card account, or deposited directly into an eligible Wells Fargo business deposit account.

Option 2: Rewards Points. Earn one point for every dollar you spend. Even better, you can earn an additional 1,000 bonus points for each monthly billing period in which your company spends $1,000 or more on your account. That’s potentially 12,000 bonus points a year, in addition to the standard points you earn. These are ongoing, not limited-time offers.

Oh, and one more thing. For the Points program, when you redeem rewards online, we reward you again with a 10% points bonus. Yep, additional bonus points for redeeming online at the rewards website.

So there you go, great benefits for you and your business, all for purchasing what you normally would.

To learn more or to apply for the Wells Fargo Business credit card, simply visit a Wells Fargo banker near you or review the Wells Fargo website.

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