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Auto Loan Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) Begin At:1

Auto Loan Refinance4.12%
New Auto Purchase (Dealer)2.99%
Used Auto Purchase (Dealer)4.39%
Used Auto Purchase (Private Party)5.73%
APRs assume excellent credit. We expect 15% of those customers with excellent credit to have their average rate to be the rate disclosed above (for example 4.12% APR for the auto loan refinance product). Your actual APR will be determined when a credit decision is made and may be higher than the rates published. Rates are current as of 4/30/2013 and are subject to change without notice. Auto loans are not available in Louisiana.
Auto LoansApply
1 Customers can maximize their chances of obtaining a lower rate by having automatic payments for their loan drawn on a qualifying Wells Fargo account relationship entitling them to a discount. Qualifying account relationships must exist at least 30 days prior to application in order to obtain available discounts. Auto loans are not available in Louisiana.