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Returning Your Leased Vehicle

If you decide to return your vehicle at the end of your lease, please review your lease agreement carefully. Make sure you understand your contractual obligations.
Returning your vehicle to an authorized location

Unless you have made prior arrangements with our Lease-End Sales Consultants, do not drop off your vehicle at a dealership. You are responsible for the vehicle until it reaches an authorized auction, including maintaining insurance and paying any fees or damages associated with the transportation of the vehicle.

  1. A Wells Fargo representative will provide the name, address, and phone number of the closest auction location
  2. Before you return your vehicle, please remove all your personal belongings and clean the car inside and out
  3. At your convenience, but before your scheduled lease-end termination date, drop off your vehicle at the auction location (remember, you will need to coordinate a ride home from the auction)
  4. A Wells Fargo representative will contact you if any additional documentation needs to be completed
  5. A final bill will be mailed to you

What might be included in my final bill1:

  • A turn-in fee (listed in your lease agreement)
  • Any official fees or state taxes due
  • Any outstanding payments
  • Transportation fee – only if you do not return your vehicle to the auction location specified by Wells Fargo
  • Excess wear and use charges – only if your vehicle has sustained damage that is not considered normal wear and use
  • Registration fees
  • Early termination liability – only if you return your vehicle 60 days or more from the lease termination date

To get more information or to return your vehicle:

  • Call your Wells Fargo Lease-End Sales Consultant at 1-800-559-3557
  • We will mail you a payoff letter and odometer statement. Payoff quotes are valid for 10 days.
  • When we call you to schedule your appointment time, we'll advise you of any fees due.
1 If you currently reside, or have resided in the past in a state that assesses personal property taxes on leased vehicles, you will be sent a separate invoice when, and if, we receive the bill. This bill may arrive after you have received the final invoice of your lease or after you have purchased the leased vehicle.