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Wells Fargo Team Member Volunteer Program


The Wells Fargo Housing Foundation’s Team Member Volunteer Program provides financial support to nonprofit organizations when Wells Fargo team members volunteer to build, renovate, paint or repair a home for low-to moderate-income (LMI) homeowners/homebuyers.  501c3 public charities may be eligible for support if they provide volunteer opportunities on the building or rehabilitation of homes.

To inquire about the Team Member Volunteer Program, reach out to your local Wells Fargo contact.  Ask the Wells Fargo contact if they are interested in putting together a volunteer team and applying for a Team Member Volunteer Program (TMVP) grant. The Wells Fargo team member can then complete a TMVP application if they have volunteers to assist in a build.  The application must be completed and submitted by a Wells Fargo team member.

While eligibility is a first step towards approval, it does not guarantee support. The Wells Fargo Housing Foundation receives many more requests than it can possibly support. Consequently, we must turn down many deserving projects.

Grant funding depends on the number of volunteer hours the local Wells Fargo team can contribute. The more they volunteer, the more they can earn for the nonprofit organization.

Funding Tier
Wells Fargo Volunteer Hour requirement
Funding Level
Level 1Minimum of 60 hours by volunteer teamUp to $10,000*
Level 2Minimum of 300 hours by volunteer teamUp to $15,000*
Level 3Minimum of 600 hours by volunteer teamUp to $30,000*
Level 4Minimum of 900 hours by volunteer teamUp to $45,000*
Level 5
Minimum of 1,200 hours by volunteer teamUp to $60,000*
Level 6
Minimum of 1,500 hours by volunteer teamUp to $75,000*
A $5,000 maximum incentive per application is available for projects that serve the military, use green components, enable senior citizens to age in place, or work on foreclosed or abandoned properties.
Team Member Volunteer Program Application Submission Period
The application submission period is open from mid-November through the last business day in September or until annual TMVP funding is fully committed.  Applications must be submitted at least 45 days prior to Wells Fargo volunteerism.

Contact your local Wells Fargo representative for more information or email

Important Note: The Housing Foundation reserves the right to change or modify program guidelines and forms without prior written consent or notice.