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Wells Fargo Housing Foundation Overview

Vision Statement

We are a community leader dedicated to creating affordable and sustainable housing; and investing in neighborhood revitalization efforts to build stronger communities.

Mission Statement

We work with nonprofit organizations to create affordable and sustainable housing initiatives serving low-and moderate-income households – including for seniors, veterans, and under-served families. We build stronger communities by investing and volunteering in support of neighborhood revitalization efforts.

To accomplish this mission, we collaborate with established local and national nonprofit housing organizations that demonstrate the ability to create affordable and sustainable housing for low-to-moderate income families, seniors and veterans; and revitalize neighborhoods.

Since its inception in 1993, the Wells Fargo Housing Foundation has invested more than $150 million to such efforts, along with mobilizing more than 4.6 million team member volunteer hours to build and rehabilitate more than 5,500 homes and counting.

Our Programs

Team Member Volunteer Program – Provides financial support to nonprofit organizations when Wells Fargo team members help build, renovate, paint or repair a home for low-to moderate-income (LMI) homebuyers or homeowners. For program guidelines and how to submit an online application visit the program website at:
Homeownership Grant Program - Provides financial resources to local nonprofit housing organizations focusing on homebuyer counseling, homebuyer education, and foreclosure prevention activities, which create affordable and sustainable homeownership opportunities for low-to moderate-income (LMI) people. For program guidelines and how to submit an online application visit the program website at:
For further information on Housing Foundation programs email us at or call (612)667-5131.

Other Corporate Giving and Community Involvement

Giving Locally and NationallyWells Fargo directs giving to areas that we believe are important to the future of our nation's vitality and success: community development, education, and human services. For more information visit