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This Date in Wells Fargo History

April 20, 2015

April 20, 1867. In November 1866, Wells Fargo had become sole proprietors of the Great Overland Mail Route stretching from California to Nebraska just as one of the worst winters on record struck. Now, with the spring thaw, Wells Fargo knew the time had come to order new equipment. Only the best would do. An order for 10 nine-passenger coaches went to the Abbot-Downing Company in Concord, New Hampshire. Wells Fargo specified 3 seats inside, with the center one folding, and leather front and back boots. Wells Fargo did not want the normal city hotel coach, and its order specified that parts be stout and strong. For the comfort of overland passengers, the Company demanded, Bodies made roomy inside & 3 inches more room between Back & Middle seats. The Concord Coach on display in Wells Fargos History Museum in San Francisco is one of these ten.