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This Date in Wells Fargo History

July 06, 2015

July 6, 1870. "Enclosed please find Certificate of Deposit No. 27989, Wells, Fargo & Co. payable for $101.53," former San Francisco mayor Charles J. Brenham wrote to Wells Fargo agent John W. Orear in Downieville, California, requesting that "you will please pay this to Adam L. Moore." Hiding his benevolence, Brenham said, "Say that it comes from his Mother." He then asked Wells Fargo to aid in his generosity. "Now I must trespass further on your kindness," Brenham stated to Orear. "I have to request that you will keep a watch upon this young man. In case he should get sick, or he is in want of money, please advise me at once." Adam Lee Moore, 22, found Wells Fargo's care to be satisfactory (and herewith so recorded), for he lived another 77 years.