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This Date in Wells Fargo History

April 23, 2014

April 23, 1906. Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank opened in Emanuel S. Hellers home at 2020 Jackson Street, San Francisco. This was not a usual branch, nor was Wells Fargo alone. The Union Trust Company, and Heller, Powers & Ehrman, attorneys at law, were also there--not to mention the Hellers wife and children. The financial center of San Francisco was smoldering ruins from a mighty earthquake less than a week ago. The great commercial bank claimed precedent--Wells Fargo got the dining room table, and childrens composition books became acceptable stationery. Wells Fargo had a paying teller at the United States Mint, and conducted business in the Heller house until May 21. In spite of not having access to the bank records locked in the slowly cooling records vault, the fine memories of Wells Fargos officers led to only a $200 discrepancy.