Media Contacts by Line of Business

Connect with our line of business media representatives

We know how important it is for members of the media to report the facts quickly and accurately. Use the drop downs below to locate the right contact by division. If you are unsure who to contact, please email us at

Community Banking, Risk, Technology and Innovation Media Relations contacts

Community Banking, Risk, Technology and Innovation Communications manages media inquiries for Community Banking, Corporate Risk, Technology and Operations, and Innovation.  Community Banking media contacts also cover ATM Banking, Consumer Deposits, Debit/Prepaid Card, Campus Card, Online and Mobile Banking, and Global Remittance Services.

Media Contact
Contact Information
EVP, Director of Corporate Communications Oscar Suris 415-396-3300
Community Bank, Corporate Risk and Technology
Mary Eshet 704-383-7777

Corporate Risk, Information and Cyber Security
Richele Messick


Corporate Properties, Security

Adam Bauer

Wells Fargo Virtual Channels Communications, Innovation Group

Jennifer Langan
ATM Banking, Consumer Deposits, Debit/Prepaid, Campus Card, Global Remittance Services, Supplier Diversity Kristopher Dahl 612-667-7271 
Mobile and online banking, Wells Fargo Digital Innovation Lab, mobile wallets and payments
Hilary O'Byrne 415-977-9671
Mobile and online banking, Wells Fargo Customer Connection (call center) communications
Jason Menke 515-418-8824
Enterprise Innovation Group, Startup Accelerator
Andrea Mahoney

Regional Banking contacts

The Regional Banking team supports media inquiries about our company's retail banking operations and stores. To find the Regional Banking media contact for a state or region, please visit our Media Contacts by region page.

Media Contact
Contact Information
Regional Banking — States with Retail Presence (AL, AK, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL IN, KS, MD, MI, MO, MN, MS, MT, ND, NE, NJ, NV, NY, OH, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WI, WY)  Bridget Braxton

Small Business and Business Banking contacts

Small Business and Business Banking provide financial services and loans, including Small Business Administration (SBA) lending, to companies with up to $20 million in revenue.

Media Contact
Contact Information
Small Business and Business Banking Communications
Jennifer Langan
213-253-3452 @JennLanganWF
Small Business & Business Banking External Communications, Small Business Lending
Jim Seitz
Business Direct, SBA Lending, Merchant Services
Brittany Anthony
Small Business Index, Business Deposits, Payroll, Wells Fargo Works
Sarah Dubois

Corporate News, Enterprise Content, Executive Communications and New Media

The Corporate News, Enterprise Content, Executive Communications and New Media team supports media relations for Community Relations and Enterprise Marketing groups. It also includes the contact for media inquiries about our Marketing. Please note: all advertising requests should be sent to

Division Media Contact Contact Information
Corporate News, Enterprise Content, Executive Communications and New Media
Arati Randolph
Head of Corporate Media Relations Corporate and Financial
Arati Randolph 704-383-6996
Mark Folk
Diverse Segments — Asian and Hispanic Edna Silva 714-257-4694

Diverse Segments — African American and LGBT Valerie Williams 704-383-8025

Diverse Segments – Military/Veteran and People with Disabilities
Lisa Westermann
 Diversity Mary Berg 415-222-3893

Environmental Affairs Jennifer Dunn
Wells Fargo Foundation — Corporate Giving Erica Van Ross

Marketing/Advertising Matt Wadley 704-374-6126

Marketing and Multicultural Christina Kolbjornsen 305-523-2544 @CKolbjornsenWF

Corporate Social Responsibility Jennifer Dunn 202-303-2966


Finance and Legal
Ancel Martinez
Federal Government Relations
Jennifer Dunn

Consumer Lending contacts

Consumer Lending includes Consumer Credit Solutions, (which covers Credit Card, Personal Credit Management, Direct Auto, Education Financial Services, and Retail Services), Wells Fargo Dealer Services, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, and Home Equity.

Media Contact
Contact Information
Consumer Lending
Jennifer Temple
External Communications for Consumer Lending– Consumer Credit Solutions, Home Lending, and Auto Lending
Catherine Pulley 917-260-1673
Consumer Credit Solutions – Credit Card,  Retail Services
Natalie Brown


Consumer Credit Solutions – Education Financial Services, Personal Lines & Loans
Jason Vasquez
Auto lending – Dealer Services, Indirect Auto Finance, Commercial Dealer Services, Direct Auto
Natalie Brown


Home Lending - Leading the Way Home® Program, LIFT Programs, Home Preservation Workshops, Wells Fargo Housing Foundation Chris Hammond 415-222-4106 @ChrisHammondWF
Home Lending — Federal and Regulatory, Housing Policy, Insurance, Servicing
Tom Goyda
Home Lending — Originations, Homebuyer Education, eLending, Customer Experience, Marketing, Credit Availability
Vickee Adams
Home Lending – Home Equity, Retail Products, Diverse Segments
Veronica Clemons 704-715-5145

Wealth and Investment Management

Wealth and Investment Management (WIM) encompasses Wells Fargo Asset Management (WFAM), Wells Fargo Investment Institute (WFII) Wells Fargo Wealth Management (private banking), Wells Fargo Advisors (brokerage), Retirement (institutional), and Abbot Downing (ultra-high-net-worth).

Media Contact
Contact Information
Communications for Wealth and Investment Management
Raschelle Burton
Wealth Management
Kathleen Golden Leary
Wells Fargo Advisors (Brokerage)
Jack Grone 314-875-4043
Retirement, Wells Fargo Investment Institute
Amy Hyland Jones 704-383-4995
Abbot Downing
Sandy Deem
Wells Fargo Asset Management (WFAM) John Roehm 415-222-5338

Wholesale & International Banking

The Wholesale & International Banking communications team supports our many domestic Wholesale businesses, and our businesses in 35 other countries. Here you will find media contacts for Wells Fargo Economists and Analysts; Investment Banking; Commercial Banking (including Government & Institutional Banking and municipal products; Corporate Banking; Business Banking; National Food & Agribusiness; Technology Banking); Community Lending & Investment; Clean Tech/Environmental Finance; Health Benefit Services; Equipment Finance Insurance; International Banking; Commercial Real Estate; CEO Portal/CEO Mobile; Treasury Management; Capital Finance; and Commercial Real Estate.

Media Contact
Contact Information
Head of Communications for & International Wholesale Banking, Wholesale Credit & Risk
Alan Elias
Research Analysts/Economists, Commercial Real Estate, Homebuilder Banking Group, Hospitality Finance Group, REIT Finance Group, Multifamily Housing
Shelley Beason
Wells Fargo Securities (WFS), including WFS' International and WFS' Markets Division: Fixed Income Sales & Trading, Equity Sales & Trading, Derivatives, Swaps, Futures and Clearing; REMAG (Commercial Real Estate Workout)
Elise Wilkinson
Wells Fargo Specialized Lending & Investment, CMBS, Corporate Trust, Community Lending & Investment, Equipment Finance, Commercial Mortgage Servicing, Shareowner Services
Jen Hibbard
Wells Fargo Corporate Banking, Investment Banking & Capital Markets
Jessica Ong
Wells Capital Finance, Asset-Based Lending Group (ABL), Flatiron Capital
Trisha Schultz
Wells Fargo Insurance, International Group, CleanTech, Environmental Finance
Katie Ellis
Wells Fargo Insurance
Angenette Lau
Wholesale Services, Payment Strategies, Government and Institutional Banking, Commercial Banking, Food & Agribusiness Lending, Commercial Card
Gabe Boehmer
Commercial Banking (Western U.S.)
Jeanette Van Vicel
Commercial Banking (Central U.S)
Trina Shepherd
Commercial Banking (Eastern U.S.) Dana Obrist