2012 Investor Day

Presentations from the 2012 Investor Day conference may be downloaded below.

Opening Remarks

John Stumpf, Chairman and CEO
Opening Remarks Presentation (PDF)*

Financial Overview

Tim Sloan, Senior EVP and CFO
Financial Overview Presentation (PDF)* 

Community Banking

Carrie Tolstedt, Senior EVP, Group Head
Ken Zimmerman, EVP and Head of Deposit Products Group
Stan Kelly, Senior EVP and Head of Carolinas Community Banking
Community Banking Presentation (PDF)*

Wealth, Brokerage, and Retirement

David Carroll, Senior EVP, Group Head
Shelley Freeman, EVP and Florida Regional President
Mary Mack, EVP and Head of Wealth Brokerage Services
Wealth Brokerage Presentation (PDF)*

Consumer Lending

Avid Modjtabai, Senior EVP, Group Head
Mike Heid, EVP and Head of Home Mortgage
Consumer Lending Presentation (PDF)*

Wholesale Banking

Dave Hoyt, Senior EVP, Group Head
John Shrewsberry, EVP and Head of Wells Fargo Securities Group
Richard Yorke, EVP and Head of International Group
Wholesale Banking Presentation (PDF)*

Risk Management

Mike Loughlin, Senior EVP and Chief Risk Officer
Risk Management Presentation (PDF)*

Corporate Treasury – Liquidity/Capital Management

Paul Ackerman, EVP and Treasurer
Corporate Treasury Presentation (PDF)*