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A Proud Tradition of Diversity

Wells Fargo has understood the importance of both hiring and retaining a diverse workforce and serving a diverse community for more than 160 years.
1852Wells Fargo & Co. is founded. Panama City, Panama is among the first offices opened in 1852.
1855Wells Fargo advertises the services of its new banking and express office to the multi-cultural community of Los Angeles in the Spanish language Los Angeles Star.
William Robison
Wells Fargo hires William Robison in Stockton, California. For 40 years, Robison is a trusted express driver for Wells Fargo as well as a leader of Stockton's African American community.
1860Wells Fargo opens its first office in Mexico (Guaymas).
1867When a young Native American girl wanted to ride the stagecoach from Jacksonville, Oregon, to Yreka, CA, C.C. Beekman, stagecoach and Wells Fargo agent in Jacksonville, discounted the $10 stage fare and sent the girl on her way.
1869"Women Set Type! Women Run Presses!"

Wells Fargo bank superintendent James Latham helps women business owners get started. He co-signs incorporation papers for the Women's Co-operative Printing Union, formed to provide employment to female typesetters in order to "earn an independent and honest living" when discriminated against by male printers' unions. The women printers printed checks for Wells Fargo Bank.
Estaban Ochoa
Estaban Ochoa becomes a Wells Fargo agent in Pantano, Arizona. Prior to that, he served as mayor of Tucson.
1873Wells Fargo hires Mary Taggart as an agent in Palmyra, Nebraska — the first of more than 350 women who will run Wells Fargo office locations across the nation.
1875Jose Guadalupe Estudillo is elected Treasurer of the State of California. His previous career was as a Wells Fargo agent in San Diego's Old Town.
1878Wells Fargo publishes the Bilingual Directory of Chinese Business Houses to facilitate commerce with Chinese small businesses in major west coast cities.
1882A memo from Wells Fargo headquarters seeks to identify Spanish-speaking employees within the ranks, recognizing a need for bilingual customer service.
1883Louisa B. Stephens is elected president of First National Bank of Marion, Iowa. FNB of Marion joined Northwest Bancorporation (Banco) in 1978.
1883San Francisco Examiner reports three elders of the Paiute tribe have obtained a promise from Wells Fargo for free transportation of game killed by their tribe.
Cassie Hill
Cassie Hill becomes the Wells Fargo agent in Roseville, California (1884-1908). She also raises five children as a single mom. (One of Wells Fargo's operations centers is named after her.)
1888Wells Fargo rules and instructions to employees states: "The most polite and gentlemanly treatment of all customers, however insignificant their business, is insisted upon. Proper respect must be shown to all - let them be men, women or children, rich or poor, white or black - it must not be forgotten that the Company is dependent on these same people for its business."
1900Julia Jones becomes a Wells Fargo agent in a rural mountain town. She is also a small business owner and is elected county superintendent of schools (in an era when women could not vote in general elections).
1900Wells Fargo opens a branch office in Yamato department store in Los Angeles.
1912Wells Fargo opens an express office in Allensworth, California - the state's only settlement founded and governed by African Americans. This Tulare County site is now a state historic park.
Florence Scott, M.D.
Wells Fargo hires its first company physician, Florence Scott, M.D.
1934Clara Hellman Heller becomes first female member of Wells Fargo's Board of Directors (1934-1958).
Wells Fargo Women Employees
Of Wells Fargo Bank's 702 employees, 216 are women (31%).
George S. Roberts
Tuskeegee Army Air Field trains hundreds of African American fighter pilots. Among the first "Tuskegee Airmen" is George S. Roberts, who upon his retirement from the military becomes a Wells Fargo banker in Sacramento, California.
1943Wells Fargo hires the first women tellers.
1944Of Wells Fargo Bank's 815 employees, 66% or 539 are women.
1953Louise McGovern is first woman in Wells Fargo's history to be elected an officer of the Bank's Trust Department.
1964Janet Wright, personnel administrator at the Operations Center, becomes the first woman assistant vice president.
1967Shirley Nelson of San Francisco's Stonestown Office becomes the first woman branch manager.
1968Wells Fargo College Relations Section of Personnel Division sponsors a trial program to hire male minority college students for summer jobs with the bank. (Banker 6:6)

Training For Advancement Program (TAP) trains minority women for bank positions. They take classes at Heald's College then work part time. (Banker 6:5)

A similar training and mentorship program exists for male minority candidates Job Education Training (JET).

Both are expanded in 1969 to include "Orientals, American Indians, Latin American and other minority races." (Banker 7:6)
1969Wells Fargo Bank's Minority Business Loan Program begins. The Urban Affairs Department oversees the commitment to minority training, employment, housing, community programs and student loans.
1970Wells Fargo translates its consumer checking guide into Spanish.
1990Wells Fargo ATMs become bilingual with the addition of Spanish.
1994Introduction of ATM remittance to the Philippines.
1997In July, Wells Fargo adopts domestic partnership benefits to be offered to employees in 1998.
1998Domestic partnership benefits offered to team members.
2000Wells Fargo installs 20 talking ATMs for benefit of sight-impaired customers, a pilot project with the California Council of the Blind. By May, 2004, all California ATMs have this feature.
2002Wells Fargo accepts Mexican Matricula card as valid identification to open an account.
2003Spanish audio becomes available on Talking WebATMs. Today all of our ATM locations offer voice instructions in English and Spanish for customers who are visually impaired.
2004Introduces the Hands on Banking® program in English and Spanish to encourage financial education.
2005ATMs add Korean and Vietnamese language options.
2005Wells Fargo launches its first targeted advertising campaign for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) customers.
2006Loaned almost $34 billion since 1995 to businesses owned by women, Asians, African Americans and Latinos.
2007Launches Wells Fargo ExpressSendSM, an enhanced remittance service to economically, conveniently and dependably send money to Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, China, Vietnam, India and the Philippines.
Relevant military experience is considered for veterans and transitioning service men and women.
Wells Fargo is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer, Minority/Female/Disabled/Veteran.
EEO is the Law