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Environmental Stewardship

Investing in Environmental Solutions for Stronger Communities

At Wells Fargo, we believe when our communities do well, we do well. We recognize that our environmental impact goes beyond how we operate. As a financial services company, we can influence positive change by:

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Wells Fargo Environmental Grant Program

  • To give $100 million in grants and increase volunteerism by 2020 to support the environmental work of nonprofits and provide the opportunity for Wells Fargo team members to improve their communities.
  • Discover how we invest our resources in protecting our environment
  • Learn if your organization is eligible

Financing for Community Projects

To increase lending and investments to community projects with environmental benefits.

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Environmental Financing

To provide $30 billion of financing by 2020 to environmentally beneficial business opportunities

Environmental and Social Risk Management

To promote responsible ways of doing business together with our business customers

Customer Engagement

To increase customer education and engagement on cost-saving environmental opportunities, with a focus on paper reduction and residential energy efficiency

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Environmental Performance of Our Operations

To increase economic efficiency and environmental performance of our operations

Team Member Engagement

To create a culture of sustainability at Wells Fargo by increasing team member environmental stewardship in their communities, at work and in their daily lives
In approaching our responsibility, Wells Fargo seeks to ensure that as we do business, natural resources are protected and environmental, social and economic needs are part of our everyday decisions. In this integrated approach to sustainability, we are committed to finding new ways to minimize our energy consumption, address climate change, use renewable sources, and inspire others to do the same so we can lower our impact on the planet.
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