We want to help all of our customers succeed financially and promote long-term economic growth and improved quality of life for everyone in our communities. We promote economic development and self-sufficiency through community donations, community development loans and investments, financial education, affordable housing, environmental stewardship, and through the efforts of our enthusiastic team member volunteers.

Wells Fargo donated $1.1 billion to nonprofits over the last four years (2011-2014) to support and revitalize communities, help charitable organizations and grow local economies, including more than $281.2 million to 17,100 nonprofits and schools in 2014. Additional community support in 2014 included:

HomeownershipShow Details

$71.2 million in grants to nonprofits supporting affordable housing, homeownership counseling and foreclosure prevention.

Community DevelopmentShow Details

$57 billion in CRA-qualified community development loans and investments to advance affordable housing, job creation, community services, and economic development in low- and moderate-income areas.

EducationShow Details

$71.6 million to 8,000 educational programs and schools around the U.S.

Supplier DiversityShow Details

$1 billion of controllable budget spent with certified diverse-owned businesses, representing 10 percent of our total annual procurement budget.

Team Member GivingShow Details

1.74 million hours volunteered by 64,350 team members in their local communities; a record $97.7 million contributed by team members through year-round donations to nonprofits and the Community Support and United Way Campaign.

2014 Impact Report
To learn more about how our Team Member Philanthropy programs are improving the lives of people in communities across the country and around the world, read our 2014 Impact Report (PDF).

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EnvironmentShow Details

$15 billion in environmental loans and investments for “greener” buildings, clean technology and other environmentally sustainable businesses; $11 million in grants to more than 5285 environmental nonprofits.
We invite you to learn more by reading our Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Hands on Banking®

Our financial education program, Hands on Banking® and its Spanish-language counterpart El futuro en tus manos®, delivers free courses for the military, seniors, small business owners, and youth. These courses teach the basics of responsible money management, including how to create a budget, save and invest, borrow responsibly, buy a home, establish a small business, and save for retirement.