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Support for Sustainable Homeownership

What are you doing to help customers be successful homeowners?

Helping Customers Be Successful Homeowners

Our goal is not just to help our customers buy a home; it is to help them realize their dream of successful homeownership. We do this by continually evolving and improving the educational resources we provide as our customers make their borrowing decisions.

Over the past several years, this has included a wide variety of tools and programs to help customers:
  • Get educated on the complex process of buying a home.
  • Understand the financial implications of “owning” a home — to improve their odds of success.
  • Find resources for achieving homeownership.
We offer:
Online Learning and Planning Center
An interactive site providing information, support, and tools for customers to help them explore and evaluate home financing options:
  • Basic information on loan options, for the application process, and considerations after closing the loan.
  • At-a-glance comparisons of loan products, roll-overs highlighting unfamiliar terms, infographics, and social sharing (i.e. share your loan alternatives with a trusted friend or family member).
  • Information is displayed in practical, simple language including definitions for confusing loan terms, and interactive tools that help evaluate payment options and other loan features.
NeighborhoodLIFT video
Video: A NeighborhoodLIFT program targets millions of dollars in extra aid to communities hit hardest by the housing downturn.
My FirstHomeSM Education Program
Free online learning program available on — a modular interactive guide designed to help first-time or ready-again buyers to prepare themselves for purchasing a home and achieving sustainable homeownership.
  • Includes educational information on loan products, interest rates, terms, documents and processes. Plus education on the need for being prepared to pay for utility bills and home repairs, and what to do if the borrower experiences payment challenges.
  • Provides fact-based, self-knowledge tests that enable consumers to understand what they do and do not know about the home loan process.
My Home RoadmapSM Service
First-of-its-kind service for customers who have met with a Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Consultant and were either turned down for credit or elected not to apply at this time.
  • Offers a referral for up to 2 hours (or $250) of free pre-purchase counseling with a certified national credit counselor (paid for by Wells Fargo) who provides customers with options and support on the path to homeownership.
  • Enrollees will be able to receive ongoing educational emails from Wells Fargo as further support in preparation for sustainable homeownership.

Going Above and Beyond for Our Communities

NeighborhoodLIFTSM and CityLIFTSM
Just two of the many things we’re doing to create sustainable homeownership are the NeighborhoodLIFTSM andCityLIFTSM programs. The programs are a collaboration between Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. and NeighborWorks America, an independent non-profit organization, and local non-profit organizations. The programs are designed to provide sustainable homeownership initiatives in cities deeply affected by the housing crisis. At NeighborhoodLIFTSM and CityLIFTSM events, which have already been offered in several communities across the country, we offer access to down payment assistance, home and renovation financing, and resources for prospective homeowners, such as homebuyer education sessions and tours of residential properties that are available for sale.

NeighborhoodLIFT Community Support
Targeting millions of dollars in extra aid to communities hit hardest by the housing downturn.

Wells Fargo Bank
NeighborhoodLIFTSM and CityLiftSM are committed to supporting sustainable housing with over 5,000 new homeowners, through the end of December 2013, created through the down payment assistance program, homebuyer education and support programs, and grants for local initiatives in cities deeply affected by the housing crisis.

Communities helped:
Atlanta, GA
Baltimore, MD
Charlotte, NC
Chicago, IL
Cleveland, OH
Houston, TX
Jacksonville, FL

Las Vegas, NV
Los Angeles, CA
Memphis, TN
Miami, FL
Minneapolis, MN
New York, NY
Oakland, CA
Orlando, FL
Philadelphia, PA
Phoenix, AZ
Sacramento, CA
Tampa, FL
Washington, D.C.
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