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Our Goals

Our vision and values should guide every action we take and every decision we make. Our vision and values come to life in the way we conduct business and the way we prioritize our day-to-day activities. These are important because they help keep the focus on what matters most at any given time.

Our goals reflect the challenges and opportunities of today’s reality, clearly state our aspirations for the future, and ensure we are focusing on activities that will build a better bank and strengthen Wells Fargo for the next generation.

We want to become the financial services leader in these six areas:

Customer service and advice

We want to know and understand our customers and their financial goals. Then, to help them be financially successful, we want to provide best-in-class service and advice that will help them reach their goals. This is true whether we are working with an individual, a family, a small business, a growing company, a public institution, or a global firm.

Team member engagement

Team members are our most valuable resource and a key competitive advantage. So we want to be an employer of choice — a company where people matter, teamwork is rewarded, everyone feels respected and empowered to speak up, diversity and inclusion are embraced, and how our work gets done is just as important as getting the work done.


By using innovative technologies and moving quickly to bring about change, we want to create new kinds of lasting value for consumers and businesses — and increased efficiency for our own internal operations. We understand that the true value of innovation is when technology directly serves our customers’ needs.

Risk management

We want to set the global standard in managing all forms of risk, because this will help us serve customers well, improve our position in the marketplace, and protect our long-term soundness and reputation. Customers want to do business with companies they trust and that make protecting their information a top priority. We are all risk managers.

Corporate citizenship

We want to make every community in which we do business better because we are there — through our products and services, culture and operations, and philanthropy. We want to advance diversity and social inclusion, create economic opportunity in underserved communities, and accelerate the transition to a lower-carbon economy and healthier planet.

Shareholder value

We want to earn the confidence of shareholders by maximizing long-term value. Our goals are consistent performance over time and best-in-class returns — achieved through knowing customers and what they need; managing risk; operating efficiently and effectively; maintaining a strong balance sheet; and having a world-class leadership team.

Download or print a complete version of the Vision and Values brochure. Vision and Values (PDF)