This Date in Wells Fargo History

May 02, 2016

May 2, 1867. A New England lady, caring for a young son suffering from a headache, felt despair when they arrived at the end of the railroad at North Platte, Nebraska. The hotel--"just finished, & not furnished"--at this desolate railhead offered few comforts. She did not relish spending the night in a place with a "bare floor, no tables except in the dining room, and not many chairs." However, salvation was at hand. At the nearby Wells Fargo office, she presented a letter of introduction from Wells Fargo's New York headquarters. "Mrs. Hodge," the agent replied, "you and your son can go on this afternoon." She then inquired the fate of the three gentlemen in her party. "They will all go with you," declared the gentlemanly agent. "You should have seen the delight they expressed," Mrs. Hodge wrote her mother, "when I told them what I had done."