This Date in Wells Fargo History

September 05, 2015

September 5, 1880. Milton A. Sharp and W.C. Jones had a profitable operation in 1880: They robbed Wells, Fargo & Co's Express. On their sixth exploit of the year, Wells Fargo detective James B. Hume recorded, they "robbed W.F.& Co's Express on stage from Bodie to Carson the morning of September 5th. At time of halting the stage, Jones fired 2 shots killing one of the stage horses. Mike Tovey, W.F. & Co's guard, then fired, killing Jones. Sharp then fired, seriously wounding Tovey in the right arm. Tovey, being disabled, started for a neighboring farm house to have his arm dressed, when Sharp returned to the stage, demanded the treasure box from the driver, and robbed it of $700, while Jones was lying dead in the road, and the stage being detained by the dead horse still attached to the team." Within two months, Sharp was imprisoned, while $300, two month's salary, rewarded Tovey. In 1934, Wells Fargo Bank commissioned artist Henry Rupe to create 12-inch copper bas-reliefs "In Line of Duty."