This Date in Wells Fargo History

October 03, 2015

October 3, 1870. Wells Fargo auditor James Bunnell sat in his New York office reading the latest from his friend Aaron Stein -- who shortly became chief of stationery and supply for Wells Fargo in San Francisco. "I have been on the wing since I left New York," Stein wrote from Salt Lake City. "I confine myself to a scant wardrobe, as each time I repack my clothes, they get so creased and crumbled that they need a regular overhaul by a tailor before I can wear them again with propriety." How did his garments get in such a condition? "I wish you could have been with me to Fillmore, [Utah]," Stein continued. "The place is about 160 miles South of here, and the Stage ride thither a severe punishment. The alkali dust and the jolting of the rude conveyance render a night on the road one of the torments fit for the damned."