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This Date in Wells Fargo History

March 24, 2019

March 24, 1877. "Last night an attempt was made to rob the south-bound stage a few miles this side of La Graciosa," the Santa Barbara Press remarked, as it gave details. "The night was very dark, and in passing through a small wooded tract, the driver, George Richmond, heard a voice call to him to stop and deliver up the treasure box. On receiving a reply that the speaker meant what he said, George picked up the box and dropped it heavily off the foot-board [so that it fell back into the front boot]. On being asked if it was out, George said, 'Yes,' and drove on. Shortly afterwards, a horse was heard rapidly approaching, and the voice again ordered the driver to stop, as he hadn't thrown out the box. George replied that he was in a hurry and whipped up his horses. The robber followed the coach, and discharged his pistol several times without effect." The paper concluded, "Very few men would have had the coolness and presence of mind to act as George did, and we hope to hear that his bravery is suitably rewarded by Wells, Fargo & Co."