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Human Rights Statement

At Wells Fargo, our vision is to satisfy all of our customers’ financial needs and help them succeed financially. We also are committed to conducting our business ethically and with integrity.

Consistent with our values, Wells Fargo recognizes that governments have the duty to protect human rights, and our company has a responsibility to respect human rights. To that end, we strive to respect human rights throughout our operations and our products and services, including consistent treatment among people, employee well-being and security, economic and social freedom, and environmental stewardship.

We seek tangible ways to apply these principles through our actions and relationships with our team members, customers, suppliers and communities in which we do business.

Our commitment

We recognize that respecting human rights is a continuing effort, and we must regularly assess our practices and approaches in light of changing global policies and business practices. This effort is done with the understanding that in some circumstances we may go above and beyond what the law and industry standards require. We are dedicated to corporate social responsibility and strive to uphold human rights in all our business activities.

Our team members

We respect the human rights of our team members. We strive to foster safe, inclusive, and respectful workplaces, including building and maintaining sustainable work environments where discrimination and harassment are not tolerated. We provide equal employment opportunities for all qualified applicants and team members without regard to any status protected by applicable laws.

Building and sustaining a diverse and inclusive culture for team members at Wells Fargo is an important way in which human rights are respected at our company. Diversity and inclusion are core Wells Fargo values. Senior leaders are engaged in setting diversity and inclusion goals, and our CEO chairs the company’s Enterprise Diversity Council to ensure progress in this important area.

We regularly review and refine our workplace practices and policies as part of our goal of delivering equal opportunity and safe, healthy, and sustainable workplaces to all team members. This reflects our belief that the success of our company is tied to the satisfaction and well-being of our team members.

Our customers

We value what is right for our customers in everything we do. We are committed to building relationships with customers and work hard to provide them with meaningful products, advice, and guidance to ensure they are able to make informed financial choices.

At the core of this commitment, we expect our team members to adhere to our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (PDF), and believe that honesty, trust, and integrity should guide our business activities. We regularly monitor and refine our business practices to help ensure all team members are performing ethically and with integrity.

Wells Fargo is dedicated to living by fair and responsible lending and servicing principles to foster best practices and ensure consumers are treated with respect. We consistently follow business practices we believe serve the interests of our customers for the long term. We do not tolerate abusive, misleading, or fraudulent lending.

Wells Fargo strives to engage with business customers that respect human rights. We recognize the critical economic importance of various industry sectors, including some that may have significant impacts on the environment and local communities. We believe organizations in such industries should operate in a responsible manner, complying with applicable legal requirements and with respect for human rights, local communities, and the environment. We conduct enhanced due diligence for corporate customers in identified sensitive industries, as set out in our Environmental and Social Risk Management Framework.

Our customers trust us with some of their most sensitive personal information, and to that end, we have developed and implemented extensive privacy and information security policies.

Our suppliers

Wells Fargo has a strong Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF). While we recognize that each supplier will have varying policies and approaches to human rights, we strive to engage with those suppliers whose values and business principles reflect their respect for the human rights of the people with whom, and the communities in which, they do business.

Our communities

We respect human rights by using our financial and human capital to support economic development and improve quality of life in the communities where we operate.

Community investment is an important part of our business model, and we strive to provide resources, talent and products for underserved communities in the areas in which we do business. This includes regular assessments of our products and services to ensure that they are sold and serviced responsibly.

We are committed to managing the environmental impacts of our operations so the natural resources we use today are protected and preserved for future generations. Our environmental stewardship includes measureable goals for our operations.