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Community Mural Program

The Wells Fargo Community Mural Program creates custom-designed art that honors the vibrancy and unique character of our local communities.

Wells Fargo Community Murals celebrate the legacy of the communities we serve, highlighting the geography, industry, and cultural diversity that give each community its unique character and sense of place. From small towns to big cities, we have installed custom community murals in over 2,300 Wells Fargo locations nationwide.

Our process: discover how we make our murals

Wells Fargo Community Murals are custom-made for each location. From conception to installation, each mural reflects the community’s diversity and unique history.

With input from Wells Fargo regional leadership, our research team works with local historical societies, libraries, and archives to discover the stories that represent that community’s legacy. We gather dozens of photographs, maps, and documents, and work closely with our team of internal graphic designers to create a visual narrative.


Community outreach is an important part of our research. By working with local historical societies, museums, and libraries, we are able to include compelling images narrate the community’s identity.

Typically, we work with these organizations to provide images of their communities from the late 1800s through the mid-1900s. We look for images that convey a sense of history, diversity, optimism, and progress. Images of pioneer founders, local landmarks, downtown scenes, agriculture commerce, local events, all of these details combine to tell a story.

We also work with Wells Fargo Corporate Archives to include the company’s own unique place in American history.


Our mural designers transform historical materials into new pieces of art. Black and white photographs are cleaned, colorized, then interwoven with maps, documents, and other elements to create a graphically designed image collage that celebrates each community’s history.

A mural key accompanies each mural. It is the educational component of our program, providing captions for each of the images featured in the design. Together with the mural, it highlights historical images, and ultimately connects the local community with its rich past.

Each mural tells a story

  • Each mural contains a title frame to identify the community and establish a familiar focal point
  • Images are chosen for historical significance and aesthetic quality
  • Each mural has a natural progressing story that guides you through the design
  • Scale and color are used to provide depth and perspective in the mural
  • A mural key is installed near the mural to inform the audience about each image

Production and installation

Our murals are graphically designed photo collages, printed on a variety of materials, and incorporated into many different environments. No two murals are ever the same. Each mural is custom-made, and each location has a specific wall or window upon which the mural can be installed. With over eight different mural applications, we can accommodate the various environments we have in our facilities. We have both internal and external murals as well, so don’t be surprised if you drive by a Wells Fargo store and actually see a mural on the outside of one of our buildings.

Community support: commitment to our neighbors

From small towns to big cities, our historical murals resonate with customers and community leaders, who appreciate our efforts to celebrate the accomplishments of their neighborhoods and communities. Whether in our corporate headquarters in San Francisco, our administration headquarters in New York, or in a small town in our nation’s heartland, our murals are a focal point in the community.

Mural unveiling events

Several times a year, mural events are held in conjunction with store grand openings. This is an opportunity to unveil a mural to the public in a fun and creative setting that creates excitement for the store and the community.

Community stories

Dauphin, AL

This beautiful panel mural in Mobile, Alabama, serves as a memorial to Miss Tiffany Conaway, a young woman who served as the local Mardi Gras Queen in 1995. Her parents were present at the unveiling, and received a copy of the mural as a tribute to their daughter’s memory.

Union Station, CO

The grand opening of the Union Station store was held on September 24, 2015, with Denver Mayor Michael Hancock on hand to assist with the ribbon-cutting ceremony. During the event, we unveiled a new mural highlighting Denver’s railroad history. The colorful design features a view of the old depot, along with the stories of three local residents – Frances Currin, Magdalena Gallegos, and Marie Greenwood – who were honored at the event.

Kodiak, AK

The mural includes images that highlight the area’s fishing industries and coast guard history as well as the diverse Russian, Filipino, and Alutiiq communities that have made their home on the island.

Coast-to-coast coverage

Since the Mural Program’s inception in 2002, the demand for murals has grown from a small, specialized project, to a standard feature across Wells Fargo facilities.

Pinole mural – A community legacy

Celebrate “a little slice of Americana,” and honor the rich history of Pinole, California, in a heartwarming interview with local community advocates.

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About the Community Mural Program

The Community Mural Program establishes a dynamic collaboration between Wells Fargo and the local community to create a custom-designed historical art piece that carries a lasting impact, and is a focal point of community discussion. Its focus is to celebrate the unique history and diversity of our local communities.

Our murals interweave historical images into a graphically-designed photo collage – a tapestry of local memories, souvenirs, and memoirs that cultivate a sense of wonder, curiosity, appreciation, and identity throughout each community we serve.

From the initial research and design, to the unveiling of a mural, it is an incredible opportunity to bring the community together in celebration and commemoration. It is our hope that each mural creates a lasting tribute to each community, and continues to inspire the exploration of our shared history.

Diversity and education

Our Mural Program is dedicated to creating custom-designed artwork that celebrates a community’s history and diversity. We specifically focus on visually depicting this in a creative way. Our mural imagery centers on the progress and innovation of the 19th and 20th centuries, often highlighting a specific theme or commemoration of events in history, such as Civil Rights, Hispanic heritage, or LGBT history.

Spotlight on Civil Rights

Bringing pivotal moments in the Civil Rights Movement to life and honoring local heroes in Birmingham, Memphis, and Montgomery, Wells Fargo made a lasting gift to each of these cities in the form of three outdoor murals depicting the historic struggles and triumphs on the road to racial equality.

Birmingham’s role in the Civil Rights movement

The mural honors local heroes, and brings pivotal moments in the Civil Rights Movement to life. A painting by 17-year old artist Willie William’s, honoring the memories of four young girls who died in the in bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, was incorporated into the design.

Spotlight on LGBT history

Kicking off the 2014 Pride Season, Wells Fargo unveiled three LGBT murals at our stores in Wilton Manors, Florida,  West Hollywood, California and Hillcrest in San Diego, California.

Mural chronicles West Hollywood’s LGBT history

LGBT activist Stuart Milk was the keynote speaker at the unveiling of our West Hollywood mural, where six prominent pioneers were honored for their contributions to furthering human rights for the LGBT community.


History and education are quintessential pillars of the Community Mural Program. Each mural contains a Mural Key, which includes engaging, vivid captions for each image in the design. Wells Fargo is committed to supporting the heritage of our local communities, working with local historical societies, libraries, and museums to ensure the accuracy of our artwork.