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Environmental Grant Program FAQs

How long until I will be notified if my grant has been approved or declined?

You’ll be notified approximately 90 days after the proposal is received.

If approved, when can I expect funding for the grant?

We fund the grant 45 - 90 days after we announce the grant award.

We’re an international organization. Is there an opportunity for us to receive an environmental grant?

We don’t currently accept proposals from organizations outside the US but we hope to include this in our giving strategy in the future, so please check back.

Can you clarify what portion of the request can be indirect costs?

We limit indirect costs to no more than 15%.

Can you preview my application before I submit?

We’re not able to preview applications due to the high volume of requests. If you have specific questions after reading our guidelines, please contact us at

My organization would like to be considered for Wells Fargo environmental grant. How do I reach a program manager to discuss the opportunity?

We’re not able to meet individually with organizations due to the high volume of requests.