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Homeownership Counseling Grant Program Requirements and Restrictions

Legal requirements

  • The nonprofit organization must be tax exempt under Internal Revenue Service Code 501(c)(3).
  • The Housing Foundation does not provide support to IRS 501(c)(3) private foundations or government entities that are not tax exempt under Internal Revenue Service Code 501(c)(3).

Program requirements

  • Nonprofit organization must not be operating in a deficit.
  • Nonprofit must have completed at least 2 consecutive years of operations as of the date of application.
  • Nonprofit may only receive 1 grant per calendar year from the Homeownership Counseling Grant program.
  • The Housing Foundation does not provide multi-year grants. The organization must reapply for future consideration.
  • Grant funding must be used within 1 year of grant award date.
  • Nonprofits who have previously received HGP (Homeownership Grant Program) /HCGP funding must complete and submit an online progress or final report prior to applying for additional HCGP funding. HCGP applications will be declined for not meeting reporting requirements associated with a previous HGP/HCGP grant.
  • The project or program must serve low- to moderate-income homebuyers and homeowners.

The following housing program types are not eligible for HCGP grant funding:

  • Individual Development Accounts (IDAs)
  • Loan pool programs
  • Rental housing, group home, long-term care facilities, or shelter housing programs
  • The project or program must serve owner-occupied low-to-moderate income homeowners and homebuyers.

Due to federal law, and the Housing Foundation's policy and budget limitations, the foundation doesn’t provide grants for

  • Religious organizations for religious purposes
  • Organizations designed primarily for lobbying
  • Purchase of advertising (including booths and tickets)
  • Fundraising dinners
  • Video or film production
  • Club memberships
  • Political campaigns
  • Endowment campaigns
  • Recreation programs
  • Individuals
  • Capital campaigns

Additionally, your organization may not be eligible for support if you receive funding from a Wells Fargo supported organization (for example, housing intermediary).