Arizona Grant Guidelines

We appreciate your interest in Wells Fargo's philanthropic goals and objectives. At Wells Fargo, we believe that grant-making decisions are more effective when made locally. That's why Wells Fargo is actively involved in the communities where we live and work, and why our team members are leaders in helping our communities succeed.

Wells Fargo is proud to support organizations that work to strengthen our communities. We look for projects that keep our communities strong, diverse, and vibrant. Our first priority is to support programs and organizations whose chief purpose is to benefit low- and moderate-income individuals and families.

In Arizona, Wells Fargo makes grants in three primary areas:

Community Development

  • Help provide and sustain affordable housing for low and moderate income individuals
  • Provide workforce development and job training for low and moderate income individuals
  • Provide financial education and promote economic empowerment
  • Help to revitalize and stabilize low and moderate income communities


  • Promote academic achievement and enrichment for low to moderate income students
  • Support after-school youth development
  • Advance teaching through professional development and support
  • Prepare career and college ready students

As part of its commitment to financial literacy Wells Fargo has developed Hands on Banking®, a complimentary comprehensive modular curriculum targeting students that range in age from grade 4 through senior citizens. The program has been designed and developed by professional educators and is suitable for either classroom use or self-study. Lessons are aligned with Arizona’s state education standards for grades 4 through 12. It is available in both English and Spanish and can be found online at

Human Services

  • Basic needs assistance and emergency resources
  • Programs supporting health and home stability for foster or adopted youth and diverse communities.

Wells Fargo also considers grants in the following areas at a lower priority:

Arts and Culture

  • Access to cultural experiences among diverse communities
  • Cultural and heritage celebrations or opportunities for community engagement

Civic Engagement

  • Civic leadership and leadership development in diverse communities and geographies
  • Citizen education and forums
  • Public planning or policy
  • Humane societies and animal welfare organizations


  • Conserve natural resources and wildlife preservation
  • Provide environmental education
  • Creating sustainable communities with focus on low-to-moderate communities

NOTE: Please pay special attention to our deadlines for each focus area which are noted in the “How to Apply” section.

Wells Fargo makes contributions to organizations with tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, as well as qualified tribal and governmental agencies, including public school systems. Organizations must have broad community support and address specific community needs, and must be able to demonstrate fiscal and administrative stability.

Please note that the Arizona Wells Fargo Foundation is unable to consider grants for the following:

  • Individuals
  • Advertising
  • Start-up funding for new organizations or organizations that have been operating for fewer than two years
  • Endowment campaigns
  • Political action committees, candidates, causes, or lobbying
  • Video or film productions
  • Promotional items
  • Labor activities
  • Vehicles
  • Medical research
  • Books, research papers, or articles in professional journals
  • Travel or conferences for non-profit agency personnel or students
  • Individual schools (private, public, charter, or parochial)
  • Recreation, athletic, or sports teams or leagues
  • Golf tournaments
  • Religious organizations, unless they are engaged in programs that are non-sectarian, benefit a broad base of the community, and have a separate 501(c)(3) designation

If your organization meets Wells Fargo’s eligibility requirements and fits in with our philanthropic goals and objectives, we encourage you to proceed with our online application.

Wells Fargo will accept grant proposals by program area January through September in the categories, and with the submission and review deadlines listed below:

Arts and Culture, Civic, and Environmental

Grant deadline — January 9 - February 10

Award grants — February - May


Grant deadline — March 1 – April 10

Award grants — May - July

Community Development

Grant deadline — June 1 – July 10

Award grants — July - September

Human Services

Grant deadline — August 1 – September 10

Award grants — September – December

Please note that while a grant may be selected for funding in the months noted above, check disbursement will vary over the year.

How to apply for event sponsorship (a non-marketing sponsorship request)

Wells Fargo often sponsors events, such as fundraising walks and community fairs, or purchases tables at such events. We will review these requests monthly, January – September. Please apply with a minimum of 120 days prior to the event for consideration. In order to be considered for funding, proceed with our online application.

Apply Now

For more information, please contact:

Katie Campana
Arizona Community Affairs Officer
(480) 421-5203

How do you define “low- and moderate-income” individuals and families?

“Low- and moderate-income” is defined as income less than 80 percent of the area median income for the community served.

How long does it take for a proposal to be reviewed?

Grant proposals are reviewed throughout the calendar year. You will typically be notified of our decision no later than 60 days after we receive your fully completed application.

May I call during the review period to check on our application status?

We respectfully request that you wait 60 days after submitting your proposal before calling to check on its status. In most cases, you will have heard from us within that period.

Will someone from Wells Fargo make a site visit to our organization?

Due to the volume of requests we receive, it is not always possible to personally visit each organization. When we do make site visits, they are only to organizations that have submitted complete proposals, or to organizations we have previously funded.

If we are declined, may we reapply?

Wells Fargo receives far more grant proposals from worthy organizations than we can support each year. You are welcome to reapply the following year.

When can we expect the check if we are approved?

A check is normally sent within 30 days after a proposal has been approved.