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Careers Questions

COVID-19 Vaccine & testing requirements

Can I work for Wells Fargo if I have not received the COVID-19 vaccination?

To protect the health and safety of our employees and customers, Wells Fargo requires all U.S. employees to provide proof of their vaccination status. Employees who are not fully vaccinated must undergo regular testing beginning January, 2022.

Searching for jobs

What is the best way to search for a job?

Create a narrow search or cast a wide net

From the Careers page, you have three options:

  • In the Search Jobs field, enter the applicable search criteria such as the job opening ID or job title, a keyword you want to see in the job title or description, a location, or a desired salary amount (e.g., 50,000 (do not enter $)).
  • Click View All Jobs to populate a random list of jobs.
  • Click View Jobs Posted in Last 3 Days to limit the initial list displayed on the Search Jobs page to jobs that were recently posted.

Note: When you click the right, double arrow, the Search Jobs page displays up to 150 jobs that meet your search criteria on your desktop and for mobile users, up to 50 jobs will populate.

You can narrow search results on the Search Jobs page by entering search criteria, and then applying filters (filters are located on the left-hand side of the page). Mobile users may need to first expose the filters by clicking the filter icon on the left-hand side of their page.

For best results

  • Go to the Search Jobs page using one of the three options listed above. Filtering search results and using the More Options field are also available.
  • If you wish to use a combination of search criteria and filters, it is necessary to enter search information in either one or both of the Search Jobs and More Options fields, conduct your search, and then use filters to further narrow your search results. If you don’t conduct the search first, the entered search criteria will not apply and instead, the filters will apply only to the populated results. If you apply filters before entering and submitting search field criteria, the tool removes the previously selected filters from the search results.

Understand targeted search

We recommend using a targeted search. Because the maximum number of job openings returned in your result set is 150 for desktops and 50 for mobile devices, using the search criteria and the filters will focus your list of job openings to those jobs of true interest to you.


  • To search for Telecommute job openings, click More Options.
  • You may enter search field criteria without applying any filters, or apply one or more filters without using any search field criteria.
  • The results are sorted by posted date.
  • If your search contains more results than it can display, the tool advises you to further narrow your search. For tips, refer to Understand the filters.

Understand the Search Jobs field

  • Keywords. You can narrow your search by using keywords that match those in the job title, job description, or qualifications. To get tips for a more effective search, click the Search Tips link.
  • Job Opening ID. This is an identification number assigned to each job opening.
  • Desired Pay. Job openings will be included in your search results if the salary amount you enter is within the job's pay range. Although jobs within the job’s pay range are shown as results, the pay range may or may not be visible in the job opening.

    To get additional search tips, click the Search Tips link.

There is an additional search option under More Options:

  • Telecommute Option. Some jobs can be performed remotely or from any location. If you slide the Telecommute Option indicator to display Yes, you will only see jobs for which this is an option. Definitions of this option will vary, and the absence of this designation may not rule out the possibility of working remotely. Any details about this option are determined at the time of hire and are subject to change.

    Note: When the Telecommute option is part of a saved search that has the email notification requested, it will work correctly for the jobs sent to you in that email. However, it does not work correctly in a saved search that is executed online at this time. You can also successfully use it from a searching on the Search Jobs page.

Understand the filters

  • Numbers in parentheses next to filter categories — e.g., California (43) — indicate how many job openings from your search results are in each filter category.
  • Use filters to quickly narrow the field of jobs.

    : On the Search Jobs page, mobile users may have filters hidden from view. To access the filters on a mobile device, click the filter icon.
  • You may apply multiple filter categories to a search (e.g., State, Job Family), and within any filter category, you can apply multiple selections.
  • Location. There are three location filter categories - State, Region, City. You can select multiple options for each category. You do not have to select a state or region before selecting a city. There is a system limitation that only displays a maximum of 100 selections for any one filter on either desktop or mobile devices. Therefore, due to the large number of cities in which Wells Fargo has job openings, we recommend you first filter by state, and then select the region or city that you are interested in.

    • When you click any of the location filters, the tool populates job openings with those filter values (e.g., state, region, city). For example, if you select North Carolina for the state filter, the tool populates job openings that list North Carolina as the location. When a location states Multiple, that position is open to more than one state including North Carolina.
  • Jobs Posted In. Search jobs posted by year and month in YYYY/MM format by clicking the desired date.
  • Job Family. Search by Wells Fargo's job categories. If a Job Family filter is not applied, all job families are searched by default. Note: multiple job families can be selected to expand and enhance your search results.
  • Full or Part-Time Status. Search job openings by different statuses: full-time, part-time, or flexible.

Search Results

After you click the double arrow to the right of the Search Criteria field or click on one or more filter options, the page refreshes with a list of jobs that meet your criteria.

From this list you can:

  • See high-level information about the jobs that meet your search criteria.
  • See a detailed job description by clicking the individual listing which will take you to the Job Description page.
  • Sort jobs by the displayed fields for ease of review.

    • The initial sort order is by descending Posted Date, showing the job with the most recent posted date first. If descending order sort is desired, click the small directional arrow next to the sort field name.
    • To change, click the sort icon with the up and down arrows which will display the sort fields.
    • Select the sort field desired. The sorting is set to ascend by default.

I used a common job title in the Search Jobs criteria box but didn't find the jobs I expected. How can I find them?

Job titles sometimes contain abbreviations or acronyms. You may want to search again using a Job Family filter such as Customer Service or use keywords that are likely to be in the job description.

How do I save a job I am interested in?

To save a job:

1. Do you have a profile?
  • Yes: Sign on to your profile, and then go to the next step.
  • No: Create a profile, and then go to the next step.
2. Go to the job opening of interest.

3. On the Job Description page, under the basic job details, next to Add to Favorite Jobs, click the star icon. The job saves to your My Favorite Jobs page.

How do I apply for a job from the My Favorite Job list?

On the right side of the job title, click the arrow button. The Job Description page will display. To begin the application process, click Apply for Job.

How long will a job remain in My Favorite Jobs?

The job only remains on the My Favorite Jobs page (accessible through the Actions List drop-down) until you remove it, the job posting expires, or Wells Fargo cancels the job posting.

How do I delete a job from My Favorite Jobs?

To delete jobs from your My Favorite Jobs list, you have two options:

Option 1:

1. Next to the job title, mark the checkbox, and then at the top-left of the page, click the Remove Favorite button.

2. A pop-up prompts you to confirm removal of the job from the list. Do you want to permanently delete the job?

  • Yes: Click OK.
  • No: Click Cancel.

Option 2:

To go to the Job Description page, on the right side of the job title, use the arrow button, and then next to Remove From Favorite Jobs, click the star icon. The star will be cleared, the wording will change back to Add to Favorite Jobs, and the job will no longer appear on the My Favorite Jobs list.

What does a job agent do?

A job agent runs your search automatically every Monday through Friday evening for a 90-day period. If the search finds any new jobs that meet your criteria, you will receive an email and a message in the My Job Notifications page, accessible through the Actions List drop-down. The next time the job agent searches for you, it checks for new jobs added since your last email (you will not receive duplicate emails). The email lists up to 20 new job titles and will tell you if more than 20 jobs were found. To retrieve the job descriptions, you have two options:

  • Option 1: In the job agent email, click the job title link that will directly take you to the Careers page where you can sign on and search for the job by entering its Job Opening ID (shown in the email).
  • Option 2: You can sign on to review your job notifications on the My Job Notifications page at any time to retrieve the links to all the matching jobs.

How do I save a job search and set up a job agent?

Using the Save Search and Job Agent function allows you to use your search criteria again without re-entering each filter selection and search criterion. At the time you save a search, you can also set it up as a job agent, which will email job posting alerts to you based on your saved search criteria.


  • To return to your saved searches, on the Actions List drop-down, click the My Saved Searches link.
  • You can save searches at any time during the process below by going to the upper-right corner, clicking the Actions List drop-down, and then selecting Save.

To save a search or set up a job agent:

1. Do you have a profile?

  • Yes: Sign on to your profile, and then go to the next step.
  • No: Create a profile, and then go to the next step.

2. From the Search Jobs page, enter the search criteria. Do you want to first complete a search before saving the criteria?

  • Yes: Click Search, and then after the results populate, click Save Search. Go to the next step.
  • No: Click Save Search, and then go to the next step.

3. A Save Search pop-up will display. In the Search Name field, provide a meaningful and short name for your search.

4. Do you want to set up this search as a job agent?

  • Yes: Mark the Email me when new jobs meet my criteria checkbox. The Email To field will automatically populate with the email address found in your profile which you can change if desired. Changing your email address for the job agent will not affect your contact information. Go to the next step.
  • No: Go to the next step.

5. In the upper-right corner, click Save.

Note: You cannot change the criteria for a saved search after it has been named and saved. You will need to create a new search with your newly desired criteria from the Search Jobs page. If you have deleted the search you wish to change, you can name the new search with the same name; otherwise, give the new search a different, short, descriptive name, and both saved searches will be available.

If I sign up for job agent email notifications, will I receive the same job more than once?

No. You only receive new job postings with each notification.

If I want to continue receiving job agent email notifications after the 90 day expiration, what should I do?

The tool will not notify you when the job agent expires. However, you can see the date the job agent will expire on the My Saved Searches page. After a job agent expires, it appears as a regular saved search. To have it start again, refer to How do I save a job search and set up a job agent?.

How can I stop receiving job agent notifications or delete job search agents?

There are two ways to stop receiving job agent notifications – either deleting the saved search or editing the search to not send emails anymore.

1. On the My Saved Searches page, click the right arrow. The Edit Saved Search page will display.

2. What action do you want to do?

  • Stop the job agent notification but keep the saved search: Unmark the Email me when new jobs meet my criteria checkbox. When the email address in the lower box disappears, click Save. The My Saved Searches page no longer shows any notifications going out for that saved search. No further steps are required.
  • Delete the search or job agent entirely (which will also stop the job agent): Click Delete, and then go to the next step.

3. A second pop-up will ask you to confirm if you wish to permanently delete the saved search. Do you want to permanently delete the search?

  • Yes: Click OK. The search will disappear from the My Saved Searches page.
  • No: Click Cancel.


Do I have to agree to the acknowledgement on the Start page of the application process each time I apply?

Yes. Each time you apply to a new job opening, the tool asks you to confirm you have read and understood the information shown on the Start page. If you do not wish to acknowledge this, you may exit the application process.

How can I find out the status of my application or find the contact information for the recruiter or hiring manager?

To check the status of your application, sign on to the My Job Applications page to view your current status on any job openings to which you have applied. It is the most current information available to applicants. Recruiter names, hiring manager names, and contact information are not available on job applications or from system support resources.

Important: Do not submit the technical assistance form to find out the status of your application or get contact information for members of the hiring team. Technical Support may not have access to this information nor are they authorized to provide it.

What is the difference between an application and a profile?

An application is associated with a specific job opening and contains the version of your profile that was current at the time you submitted your application for that job. After you submit an application, you can no longer make changes. Your profile is the personal information you entered containing contact information and other associated data that is independent of a job opening and is editable at any time.

If I include my resume with my application and profile, do I need to enter my work history, education, licenses and certifications, languages, and other information in the fields?

No. It’s not required; however, entering your information directly into those fields is the best way to ensure that your information is searchable by recruiters, particularly the information entered in the Work Experience and Licenses & Certifications sections.

Job preferences: All fields in this section are optional. If you are looking for part-time work, you may want to enter the days and hours you are available for work. Also, entering your preferred geographic location will help recruiters know your preference if a job has openings in multiple locations.

Adding your experience and skill information: To enter information in the Education History, Work Experience, Licenses and Certifications, Degrees, and Language Skills sections, click the respective buttons or drop-downs. For applicable sections, a pop-up will appear for you to enter details. Note that if you added a resume, you are not required to fill out any of these sections with one exception. If you are applying for a job that is designated as an early talent job opening, you are required to provide additional school and degree information.

After each entry in these categories (except Education History), click Done. You will be taken back to the My Profile page with a summary of the details you just entered. To add another item in the same category in that section, click the + button. A pop-up will reappear for you to enter the next item.

Education History: In the Highest Education Level drop-down, select the applicable answer.

Work Experience: If you are entering information about your current job, leave the end date blank. (If you enter To Present, an error displays.)

Licenses and Certifications: In this section, enter any licenses or certifications. See Find your Match with the Lookup feature.

Degrees: This section will allow you to list one or all of the degrees you have earned, along with the field of study and the school where you acquired the degree. In the pop-up, use the look-ups to select applicable degree information. You can also enter multiple degrees. Note that if you are applying for an early talent job, you will be required to provide additional pertinent information about at least one degree.

Language Skills: List any languages you are proficient in other than English.

Referrals: When you apply for any job at Wells Fargo, you will be asked how did you learn about this job.

  • In the "I learned about this job from" section of the application, click the drop down and select the appropriate option.
  • For each option you will be required to provide some additional information specific to that selection.
  • All required fields for each option will have an (*) and must be completed in order to move forward with the application process.

How can I use the Lookup feature when entering information?

For Licenses and Certifications, Degrees, and Language Skills sections, the lookup field will provide a list of applicable options found in the system to help you complete these sections. When you click the lookup icon, a Lookup page will display a list of values in alphabetical order by Content Item ID. To sort the list by description, click the arrows at the top of the Description column. Some descriptions have abbreviated names due to field length restrictions.

To find your match through the Lookup feature:

1. You can scroll through the list to find your option.

Notes: The scrolling feature can take time to populate. For a quicker search, at the top of the Lookup page, click the Search Criteria line. The window will expand further to show two search fields - Content Item ID and Description - corresponding to the columns below. The lookup defaults to “begins with.” You will need to enter a value that would match the first characters in the content ID or description.

2. Do you know the exact value or need help?

  • Yes: You can enter the value in either or both fields to do the lookup. If you enter values in both fields, the search will be an and; in other words, both values have to be met in one result for it to appear in the list. Go to the next step.
  • No: In the upper-right corner, click Show Operators. In the additional operator box, if you click the down arrow, a selection of different search operators displays, such as = or contains, to help find the value you need. Go to the next step.

3. Did you find the value you needed?

  • Yes: Select the desired operator, enter the search value, and then click Search. The results will appear on the page for you to choose.
  • No: Use a value called Other.

How do I make changes to a submitted application?

After you submit an application, changes cannot be made to the application, resume, or attachments.

How do I delete an old resume?

Due to our regulatory obligations, you cannot delete resumes from the system.

Can I apply for more than one job using a submitted application?

You must apply separately to each job opening.

How can I tell if my application was submitted successfully?

An email will notify you that Wells Fargo successfully received your application. You can also sign on and go to the My Job Applications page to view your status for the job opening you applied for.

I have a Draft application, but I no longer want to apply for that job. How do I delete the draft application?

On the My Job Applications page (accessible from the Actions List drop-down), next to the draft application, click the Withdraw button, and then in the pop-up, click OK. You'll be returned to the My Job Applications page. The jobs you’ve been withdrawn from will no longer display. If you change your mind, you can apply for that job later as long as the position is still open and advertised.

I submitted my application for a job, but I am no longer interested. How do I withdraw my application?

Important: When you withdraw your submitted application from a job opening, the tool prevents you from reapplying to the job.

To withdraw an application:

1. On the My Job Applications page (accessible from the Actions List drop-down), next to the application of the job you applied for, click the Withdraw button.

2. A pop-up will display asking you to confirm withdrawal. Do you want to withdraw?

  • Yes: Click OK. You'll be returned to the My Job Applications page, and the job you're no longer applying for will now have a status of Withdrawn.
  • No: Click Cancel.

When is a job screening assessment required?

Wells Fargo requires job screening assessments for a small number of job types to determine whether candidates have the appropriate skills, abilities, and other characteristics important for succeeding in that role.

If you apply for a job that requires an assessment, you must follow the on-screen prompts and instructions provided in the assessment-related emails. Even if you have applied to a similar job previously, it is important that you follow the directions provided for that individual job.

I applied for a job and was directed to another site for a job screening assessment and was subsequently notified that I am no longer being considered. Can I reapply for the job and take the test again?

  • You cannot re-apply to the same job opening.
  • You can apply to different job openings even with the same job code and title. However, an assessment outcome is generally valid for six months. Any job opening that has the same assessment will use the existing outcome for that period of time.
  • You can also apply to other jobs that are either non-assessed or use a different assessment.

During the application process, I received an on-screen notice and an email telling me that I was ineligible to apply for this position. Can I reapply to this job?

If the job is still open and advertised and your eligibility has changed, you can request to be reconsidered. To do so, at the bottom of the Careers page, click the For technical difficulties, click here link. From there you will find, complete, and then submit the technical assistance form. Be sure to include the Job ID number and the reason you are asking for reconsideration.

Why am I being asked if I previously worked at Wells Fargo?

All candidates are asked this question so that we can confirm rehire eligibility early in the hiring process.

If you identify as having worked at Wells Fargo previously:

  • The system requires you to provide additional information that will help it match you to personnel records.
  • If you are not eligible for rehire at Wells Fargo, the system will notify you and provide directions if you wish to ask questions or want to dispute the rehire eligibility status.

After submitting my application, I received an email telling me that I was declined for a position. Can I reapply?

No. You cannot reapply for a position if you have been declined for it. Before submitting your application for a position, ensure you have accurately answered all of the questions in the application process.

My Notifications and emails

What does it mean when an email I received asks for additional information?

The recruiter associated to the job opening would like to further verify your qualifications for the job, and if needed, verify your continued interest in the position based on the location or workplace preferences, availability, and salary needs. A completed and submitted Candidate Information Form will assist in your initial screening. Follow the instructions in the email to access the form.

What happens if I do not submit the Candidate Information Form before the deadline?

You will be withdrawn from consideration for that job and will not be able to re-apply.

How can I tell if my Candidate Information Form was received?

The status of your form and the date submitted are indicated on the My Job Notifications page, which is accessible from the Actions List drop-down or the Careers page. After your form is successfully submitted, the status updates to Viewed.

Can I change my responses after I submit my Candidate Information Form?

After you submit your Candidate Information Form for a job opening by clicking the Submit button, you will no longer be able to change those submitted responses. However, you can view your read-only answers by accessing your completed form.

How long will my Candidate Information Form be available after I have submitted my responses?

The link will display on the My Job Notifications page until that specific job opening has been filled.

I received an email from a company other than Wells Fargo in regards to a job opening I applied to. What do I do with it?

There are several third-party companies aligned with Wells Fargo for specific features of the application process. You should follow their instructions to continue with your application.

Some positions require an On-Demand Screen (ODS), which is provided by a third-party vendor.  An ODS is a type of preliminary interview where applicants record video responses to pre-set questions. If the job opening you applied to requires the submission of an ODS, the third-party vendor will email you instructions. It is important you follow the instructions provided in the email as quickly as possible.

Many positions require a phone screen interview with a recruiter. If you are selected for a recruiter phone screen interview you will receive a communication from a third-party vendor inviting you to self-schedule an interview appointment. Instructions will be in the email or text you receive from the vendor. It is important that you follow the instructions as quickly as possible.

I received an email referring me to a Wells Fargo job opening. What do I do now?

You received the email because a team member that you know thinks you are a good fit for that job. This email notification provides the job opening information and outlines the step-by-step directions that you need to follow to initiate the referral. You must use the link that is provided in the email notification to complete the application process.

It is very important that you take action on this email as quickly as possible, the posting dates for the job opening must be active at the time you submit your application. Once you have completed the application process, the team member that initiated the referral will receive an email confirmation that informs them that you have successfully submitted your application.


Why do I need to register?

You can search for jobs without signing on, but you must register and sign on to:

  • Apply for jobs
  • Create and update a profile
  • Save jobs to My Favorite Jobs
  • Use the Save Search feature
  • Receive job agent notifications

You may want to register and set up a profile even before starting your search so that your information will be searchable by Wells Fargo recruiters.

If I submit my profile and a job matching my skills opens up later, can I expect to hear from Wells Fargo?

It is best to apply for the jobs that interest you rather than relying on recruiters to contact you. A recruiter can discover your profile when searching the job seeker database for matches to the job qualifications. However, recruiters use a variety of methods to fill jobs and there is no guarantee that your profile will be included in a search.

If I have applied to a job that required an online assessment, is my screening assessment outcome visible to others?

No. Your assessment outcome is only visible in association with the job to which you applied and only by recruiters and the hiring team associated with that job.

How do I update my contact information?

Updates to contact information can be made through the My Account Information link which is accessible on the Careers page or in the Actions List drop-down.


Am I required to disclose any information in the Self-Identification sections?

It is voluntary to share your disability status, veteran status, gender, race, and ethnicity when applying for a position. Wells Fargo is required to request this information of every job seeker as part of our regulatory obligations.

When job seekers share this information, it helps with assessing how Wells Fargo is doing with ongoing compliance and regulatory activities as well as for our diversity and inclusion efforts – all of which are core values at Wells Fargo.

In the Disability section, you may either select from one of the three options within the federally mandated form or click Next to proceed. In the Veteran section, select an option or click Next. In the Gender and Race & Ethnicity sections, select from the Gender menu, and then select the race and ethnicity that applies to you. Respond to the Work Opportunity Tax Credit questions by selecting Yes or No.

Neither the hiring manager nor the recruiter sees your individual responses and your responses do not affect your eligibility or consideration for the position.

Why does Wells Fargo ask job seekers for the information in the Self-Identification sections, and why does Wells Fargo ask on multiple occasions?

As part of our regulatory obligations, Wells Fargo is required by law to ask every job seeker to disclose their disability status, veteran status, gender, race and ethnicity.

In particular, the disability form in the Self-Identification section requests job seekers to select one of three options as specified by the federal government. The U.S. Department of Labor, through enforcement of a variety of federal regulations, requires that all covered employers include this disability self-identification form during the pre- and post-offer stages of their application process, and for those who are hired, over the course of employment. If you apply for a job and are hired by the company, you may be asked on more than one occasion to provide this information. You are not required to share the information, but we hope you will choose to answer or validate the information even if your answer has not changed.

Submission of this information is voluntary and refusal to provide it will not subject you to any adverse treatment. You also may change or deselect previous choices to this question at any time. Information you submit will be treated as confidential. Disclosure and usage will be limited to: (i) supervisors and managers who need to know if you can benefit from work accommodations; (ii) first aid and safety personnel when necessary; (iii) government officials auditing compliance with applicable laws; (iv) disclosure where otherwise required by law; and (v) in support of Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity regulations and Wells Fargo Diversity programs.

You are not required to disclose that you have a disability as part of the Self-Identification request process. However, if you need an accommodation at any time during the application process, you may be asked to disclose information about your medical limitations as part of Wells Fargo's Accommodations process.

If due to a chronic medical condition or disability you need accessibility or accommodation assistance in the job application or interview process, please contact our Accommodations Management team by telephone at 1-877-255-1606. We accept all relay calls, including 711. Refer to the Accommodations assistance section for further information.

Will recruiters or hiring managers be able to see my self-identification information if I choose to disclose it?

Recruiters and hiring managers do not see your name associated with any race, gender, or disability self-identification information you disclose. This information is aggregated to help Wells Fargo assess the effectiveness of our compliance and regulatory obligations as well as our diversity and inclusion efforts.

Wells Fargo is committed to increase the number of military veteran Team Members to 20,000. In support of that effort, recruiting can filter applicants that have self-identified as a military veteran. However, no further details about your military status will be visible.

Can I change my responses in the Self-Identification sections?

Yes, as long as you have not yet submitted your application, you can modify your responses. After clicking Submit, you cannot change your responses in that application. If offered the position, Wells Fargo is required to provide you with an opportunity to confirm or update your Veteran and Disability status.

You may also change your self-identification responses in your job seeker profile at any time or when applying to a new job opening. These updated responses display the next time you apply for an open position with Wells Fargo, and you will also have the chance to confirm or update those responses.

Can I view my application after I have submitted it?

The My Job Applications page contains a row for each job you have applied to along with the status of the application (e.g., Draft, Applied). You can sort them in either ascending or descending order for any of the categories by clicking on the little arrows beside the column names.

To view submitted applications listed on the My Job Applications page, click the arrow showing with the job title. The Review/Submit Application page will display. You can click any one of the collapsed sections to see what you entered. 

Note: After submitting an application, you cannot change any of the information.

How do I view the job description for a job opening that I applied to that is no longer posted?

1. On the My Applications Page, for the row with the job opening you applied to, click the right-facing arrow.
2. On the Review Application Page, in the red banner at the upper-left corner, click the job title. A pop-up will display the job’s description and information.

Can I view the resume I used for this or previous applications?

On the My Job Applications page, resumes are located below applications.

  • To view the resume, click a resume title. (You can also access an attached resume when you view an application.)
    • For all file types, after you click the Resume link, the tool will prompt you to open the document, and have you provide a link to continue.
    • You can also view the resume from within the application with the same process occurring.
  • You cannot delete resumes from this list or from applications you already submitted.
  • You cannot add a new resume directly to the My Job Applications page. Whenever you update your profile, edit a draft application, or apply for a new job, you can add a new resume or reattach an existing resume.

Mobile Search and Apply

How do I access the Wells Fargo Jobs page from a mobile device?

On your mobile device, use your browser to access

Do I need a unique Careers sign on and password for my mobile device if I've already set one up?

No. Your user-name, password, and profile details are shared on both Mobile and Desktop Careers platforms along with all other job search and application activities.

Can I start a Careers activity on my mobile device and finish it on the desktop?

Yes, all activities (e.g., sign-on credentials, profiles, searches, and applications) are accessible from both the mobile and desktop Careers platforms.

Can I save my user-name and password on my mobile device?

This is a setting on your phone or tablet’s browser. We don’t recommend saving passwords on any device.

What mobile devices are supported for Careers?

Wells Fargo’s Careers application works with most smartphone and tablet devices using the most recent Android and Apple operating systems.

How do I attach a resume and work experience to a job from a mobile device?

You can attach a document from your mobile device. Options for the source of your resume will depend on your device and your local storage options. Mobile users should be able to select a resume from a cloud if you have mobile applications such as Microsoft (MS) OneDrive or Apple iCloud on your device.

Other alternatives for adding your work experience:

  • Add an existing resume already associated with your Careers profile
  • Submit without a resume document and enter your work experience and skills on the My Profile page
  • Save your application as Draft on your mobile device, and then sign on from your desktop to upload a resume located on that platform

What is the filter icon on the page when I’m searching for a job or applying for a job?

When searching for a job on your mobile device, the filter icon will expose filters that will help in narrowing your job search. When applying to a job on your mobile device, clicking this icon will expose the steps in the application process to assist in navigating the application itself.

Can I take a picture of my resume and attach it to my job application?

No. Wells Fargo doesn’t accept a picture of a resume on any platform, mobile or desktop.

I’m using my smartphone or tablet on the Careers site, but it does not appear to be designed for mobile devices. The words are tiny and do not resize when I rotate the page.

Your phone or tablet’s general settings and browser-specific settings often control how you see pages on your device. Check these settings to verify they are set for the best mobile experience. For example, you may want to confirm that your device is not defaulting to a site’s desktop presentation. You may also need to verify that cookies and pop-ups are appropriately enabled for the sites you visit.

Note: To enhance the application process, if you move your mobile device to a landscape (horizontal) position, you will see some fields in totality that otherwise you may have to scroll to see in a portrait (vertical) position.

Accommodations assistance

I am a job seeker with a disability. How can I request assistance in applying for a job?

To request assistance due to an ongoing medical condition or disability, contact our Accommodations Management team by leaving a voice message at 1-877-255-1606, and someone will respond within one business day.  The voice mail box will also accept messages from all relay calls, including 711.

I am a job seeker with a disability and have been selected to move forward in the interview process. How can I request assistance in the interview process?

You can do one of the following:

  • Inform the Wells Fargo representative contacting you of your specific needs
  • To request assistance due to an ongoing medical condition or disability, contact our Accommodations Management team by leaving a voice message at 1-877-255-1606, and someone will respond within one business day.  The voice mail box will also accept messages from all relay calls, including 711.

Examples of accommodations may include making interview locations accessible, arranging for American Sign Language interpreters, or facilitating alternate methods of communication.

Technical issues

The system timed out while I was applying. Did I lose all my work?

To avoid system timeouts, click any activity button at least once every 20 minutes.

Note: See information below on how to save the application as a draft or review information on how the Next button will save entries when filling out your application.This may exit you from your application on the page. However, your application may have been saved in Draft status.

To find your application:

1. On the My Job Applications page, do you see the application in Draft status?

  • Yes: Next to your application, click the arrow. You will be taken back to the spot in the application where the data was last captured.
  • No: Search for the job again, and then click Apply to Job.

Note: The My Job Applications page contains a row for each job to which you have applied. You can sort them in either ascending or descending order in any of the categories by clicking on the little arrows beside the column names.

  • Save as Draft. Accessible from the Actions List drop-down on your application. Save as Draft saves entries on the current page but does not go to the next page. A pop-up will state “Your in-progress application has been saved but not submitted.” Click OK.
  • Next. When clicking Next to navigate through the application, it automatically saves entries on the current page and goes to the next page.
  • Exit or X. If you click Exit while applying, your entries on the current page will not be saved, but any previously saved pages in the application will not be affected. On the Do you really want to exit? pop-up, click either Yes or No. If you click Yes, you will be taken back to the My Job Applications page. The application will be stored and accessible on the My Job Applications page and will display in the Draft status.

How do I change my password or email address?

To change your password:

1. From the Careers page, click My Account Information (also accessible from the Actions List drop-down).

2. Click Change Password, and then follow the pop-up’s instructions to change your password.

To change your email address:

1. Scroll down to the email section, and then click the + sign.

2. In the pop-up, enter the email address and then select the email type. Do you want the email to be your primary address?

  • Yes: Mark the Primary checkbox, and then continue to step 3.
  • No: Continue to step 3.

Note: It is recommended that you remove all old email addresses. After making the change, your profile on all applications will automatically update.

3. Click Save. The email information will be updated.

How often will I need to change my Password?

The system requires that passwords be reset every 60 days. If you try to sign on to your account and your existing password has expired, the tool prompts you to reset the password.

Select a password that:

  1. Has a minimum of eight total characters with at least one digit, one lowercase character, one uppercase character, and one special character from the set (!@#$%^&*-_=+\|]}[{;:/?.><,`).
  2. Does not match your user-name.
  3. Does not match any of your email addresses.

Note: The system-entered placeholder characters (i.e., extra dots in the password field) populate after you enter a password which may not be representative of the number of characters in your password.

What if I cannot remember my username or password?

  1. On the Careers page or from the Actions List drop-down, click Sign In.
  2. A pop-up will prompt you to enter your username and password. Directly below those fields are two links – Forgot User-Name and Forgot Password. Click the desired link, and then follow the instructions on the next pop-up.
  3. The tool will use the email address listed on your profile with the requested information. From the email, you can then proceed with signing on.

Why is the entry for my password displaying more dots than the characters in my password?

The intention of the dots is to mask the password length to prevent a password compromise. As you enter the password, the dots will appear one-for-one with each character that you enter. When you click Sign In, the number of dots will expand to fill the entire field which will no longer reflect the number of characters in your actual password.

When I entered my password incorrectly, the password field is red and filled with dots. How do I clear them out to re-enter my correct password?

If you enter a password incorrectly when signing on or when changing your password, an error message will display. In the pop-up, click OK.

  • If using a laptop or desktop computer, in the Password field, double-click to highlight the entire field. On your keyboard, press the Delete key, and then enter the correct password.
  • If you are using a smartphone or tablet, in the Password field, double-tap to highlight the entire field (may need to ‘Select All’), and then to clear the field, tap Back. At this point, you should be able to enter the correct password.

I created a profile several years ago and, as a returning applicant, I cannot sign on with my old Username and Password.

Wells Fargo adheres to strict record retention guidelines and purges recruiting data from our systems on a regular basis. If your profile has had no activity within our purging timeframes, it was deleted. We invite you to create a new profile.

What are the recommended internet browsers to use?

  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox

What type of documents can I attach to my job application or my profile?

You can only attach files with named extensions: .doc, .docx, .rtf, .odt, .pdf, .txt

Can I block any site from setting any data on my device?

No. Most Internet browsers have two settings that allow a user to choose how a website can store content:

  1. Allow local data to be set (recommended)
  2. Block sites from setting any data

Selecting the first option will allow you to use the mobile and desktop Find a Job sites. The second option will prevent you from using the mobile and desktop Find a Job sites. For more information, review the Wells Fargo Policy on Digital Privacy and Cookies.

What is the Wells Fargo Digital Privacy and Cookies policy?