This Date in Wells Fargo History Daily: This Date in History news feed. en-US Copyright 2014, Wells Fargo. All rights reserved. Thu, 31 Jul 2014 history 360 This Date in Wells Fargo History July 31, 1865. A few years later, Horace Greeley would not have recognized the Sierra route. Demas Barnes remarked, "We left Virginia City at 5 P.M., 9 passengers in the stage, 4 outside, all drawn by 6 fine horses." Wells Fargo operated a classy line. "I must say this is the first real staging I have experienced," Barnes declared. "The roads are smooth, hard, and so easily graded as to ascent without difficulty, and to go down, under full run, quite exciting to all. It was night, and an almost full moon was shining, giving shadow to the trees, distinctness to the scenery, and perspective to the landscape. These were mountains, piled one upon the other--up, up, until the mind becomes dizzy contemplating their dizzy heights." He concluded that the scenery and ride were unexcelled.

Thu, 31 Jul 2014