This Date in Wells Fargo History Daily: This Date in History news feed. en-US Copyright 2015, Wells Fargo. All rights reserved. Sun, 05 Jul 2015 history 360 This Date in Wells Fargo History July 5, 1860. San Diego County in the 1860s had few people and many cows. Naturally, Wells Fargo lent a hand to aid the economy. George A. Johnson, a member of the Alvarado family, wrote from San Francisco to Wells Fargo agent Frank Ames. "Through Wells, Fargo & Co., I send $1,900 for the purpose of paying for Cattle purchased by my wife's brother, Diego," he said, "which you will pay to his order, taking receipts for the Cattle in my name." Ames also offered "in store" services, and Johnson added, "If Diego should want any thing in reason in the way of Trade out of the store, please let him have it."

Sun, 05 Jul 2015