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May 4, 1863. Wells Fargo agent Charles T. Blake reflected on his arrival in the Boise Basin. "You come into this place out of a bare treeless country covered with sage brush, over a high snowy mountain, and find country so much like California." Placerville, Idaho, certainly reminded him of old California days.

"Every one of the creeks, the gulches leading into them, and the whole hillsides between them, seem to be rich in gold," he marveled. Miners were burrowing everywhere. In town, Blake wrote, "I have rented one of the best houses fronting on the plaza at $150 a month. It is yet a mere shell, but I have a board fixed up in one corner for a counter, and take in letters and packages. I have no office furniture, no blanks, or anything." In spite of these difficulties, Blake fulfilled the promise of his arrival when miners in the streets shouted, "Wells Fargo have come!"

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